On Netflix a shocking thriller with Amber Herad, for an evening with bated breath

For all lovers of the thriller genre, a film is available on Netflix that will keep you in suspense, a perfect plot for lovers of macabre details and lugubrious events.

A thriller full of unsolved mysteries

The title of the film in question is “David’s secret. The Stepfather”, and it is the perfect choice for those who want to indulge in an eventful evening, immersing themselves in a film full of truths to be revealed, as can already be guessed from the Italian title.

Classic American mystery film, this production manages very well to keep the viewer glued to the screen, terrorizing him in pursuit of a ruthless killer. Who is behind the protagonist’s character? What is the secret that David hides?

The movie was shot by director Nelson McComirckwhich relies on a rather classic style, which follows the structure of thriller stories, but with elements that manage perfectly to involve the viewer in a spiral of surprising events.

The presence of a certainly noteworthy cast contributes to the success of this film, in fact we have among the leading characters Dylan Wash, Penn Badgley, known by all as Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girlor like Joe Goldberg, the stalker of the Netflix TV series You. Also, last but not least, Amber Heard, actor well known for always playing complex and articulated roles.

This stepfather, which is precisely the title of the film in English, will turn out to be a dangerous figure, a deranged man full of past and present traumas, from which he will have to run away and hide. And this theme was not chosen by chance, in fact the film is inspired by a thriller that has already been filmed in the past, in 1987, the film that takes the same title, and was directed by Joseph Reuben.

After these details, you just have to read the plot of this incredible story of secrets and complex family dynamics.

The plot of the macabre thriller

Michael is the protagonist of this story, and after spending time in a military academy, decides to return to his homeland to go to his mother and the rest of his family, i.e. the two younger brothers. Happy to be back with loved ones, she expects a party, and indeed that’s how it goes. They welcome him joyfully, and eager to see him again, but nevertheless an unexpected event turns the evening upside down.

In fact, as soon as Michael shows up, he finds a new member of the family upon his arrival: mom’s partner moved in with them for some time, and lives with his mother permanently.

The mother looks very happy, totally in love with this charming man, he indulges him in all respects and fails to experience the situation in a concrete way, realizing all the dark sides, and the disturbing sensations that man transmits.

A woman at a certain age simply wants a quiet life, and she would like to someone next to you who loves you and keeps you company. Perhaps for this reason she has decided to settle for man, idealizing him as she would like. However stepfather, he turns out to be not the person he seemed.

For Michael, the situation immediately stinks, and that is why he begins to investigate the man’s past by unearthing gruesome mysteries.

Who is behind David’s dark identity? How will the story end? Will the family be able to avoid unpleasant consequences?

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