On Netflix the most watched thriller TV series ever even if there are still many who have never watched it.

Tonight start watching one of the cornerstones of Netflix’s catalog of thriller, horror television series: massive, iconic, among the most viewed ever.

For many it is a mythical series in an absolute sense. For a few others it still remains a mystery. For still others, curiosity is great but they haven’t seen it and don’t know what they are missing. On Netflix you’ll find a thriller, horror, sci-fi production that has been all the rage in streaming since 2016, and from there among gadgets, games, clothing, music.

In short, a real phenomenon “Stranger Things”, the grandiose series of Duffer Brothers distributed by the well-known platform that has obtained five Golden Globes nominations and forty-one Emmy nominations. It is a pillar, a point of reference, a signature, which has contaminated many other markets with its now infamous name. A positively unanimous reception right from its debut, with its marked cultural homages to the unforgettable Eighties, from clothing to cinematic style, up to the soundtrack.

In this regard, Matt and Ross Duffer had announced it as “a love letter to eighties classics that captivated a generation”. In the sci-fi and captivating vein of Steven Spielberg, John Carpenter, Stephen King. Password: stimulate the public’s imagination to the maximum and catapult it into supernatural, adventurous worlds and, why not, that could instill an extraordinary and fascinating fear.

To give faces to the main characters, the iconic dark lady Winona Ryder and the talented David Harbourjoined by the young protagonists Finn Wolfhard, Millie Bobby Brown, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin, Natalia Dyer, Charlie Heaton. A Netflix series that is based on the chorality of a well-functioning and convincing cast, as well as on a story full of mysteries that cannot distract the viewer’s attention from the screen.

If you haven’t seen her yet, you can’t miss hers four exciting seasons for a total of 34 episodes (the fifth and final is confirmed to arrive for 2024/2025). Defined by many as one of the best inventions of contemporary seriality, it attracts with its captivating plot, spectacular scenic effects and high-level pop culture, which people like without ever falling into splatter.

So why so much success and why do so many argue that this series is not to be missed? Because, despite being fresh, it has already become one of the most acclaimed television cults of all time, perhaps also thanks to the nostalgic desire to retrace the 1980s, but also thanks to the talent of an actually very good production.

Mysteries and tension are perfectly combined with the supernatural component, which has always attracted, and also with a group of young personalities who manage to build attractive stories. On Netflix, “Stranger Things” awaits you if curiosity has taken over and if you feel like enjoying a TV series that shouldn’t leave you disappointed.

Stranger Things

Watch the trailer and read the story

We are in a US fantasy city, in Hawkins, in the middle of the eighties, and for the most part also in a fantastic world of the “upside down”. The beginning of the series focuses on the mysterious disappearance of a boy named Will and the appearance of Eleven, a little girl with shaved hair with telekinetic powers who escaped from a secret laboratory, namely the Hawkins National Laboratory.

Almost all the events that occur during the story are closely connected to the Upside Down, a dark dimension parallel to the real world, where sinister figures live and the strangest things happen. The heroine is an electric, magical and very peculiar little girl. Around her nerd peers and also different from what one would expect, but all very well defined in their psychological characteristics.

In the background we find the legendary eighties, Reagan’s optimism, video games and the last blows of the cold war. To create a series that, almost every episode, sees a protagonist of the main cast who has to deal with enormous difficulty. But the closer the protagonists stay to each other, the easier it will be to piece together a puzzle made of mystery, fear, enchantment and uncontrolled strangeness.

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