On Saturday, September 9, Campania will host the first concert of Trentemöller, a well-known Danish artist, in Campania. A concert set of indie electronic music is expected.



September 09, 2023


Flava beach

Castel Volturno (Ke)

opening concert NOT ME, BUT WE

at the end of the DJ sets: Slevin Korey, Daemon, Sapiria, Whip.

from 22:00

entrance ticket €28.00 + DP, click here – pre-sale is active on TicketOne

Flava beach: Viale Dante Alighieri, Castel Volturno (Que).


Subculturesin collaboration with Rocalvie AND Flava beach, first introduced in Campania on one date in southern Italy; concert set by musician and producer Trentemoeller, one of the key figures of electronic music of the XXI century. With him on stage will be a full-fledged ensemble for an “indie” and “electronic” concert with excerpts from his latest album with dark and introspective sound, motor skills, shoegaze, noise rock and electronic pop.

The event will take place on Saturday September 09 V Flava beach Castel Volturno (Que), entry €28 + presale rights (Ticketone scheme), doors open at 22:00.

The evening will start with an electronic concert Not me, but weduet consisting of Bruno Bavota AND K-Kongjong. After the concert, it’s time for the usual”Non-traditional partyto the DJ sets of Slevin of Korea, Demon, Safiria and Whip.

Anders Trentemöller takes his soundscapes, which he masterfully created on his beautiful albums, to a new dimension, where indie fuses with electronica and krautrock to create extraordinary experiences. He is accompanied live by an Icelandic solo artist. Disa (voice and guitar) and then Silas Tinglef (drums) Brian Butz (guitar and man behind dream pop/shoegaze band Sleep Party People), e Jacob Haubjerg (bass), as well as a member of Sleep Party People and Savage Rose, as well as in his indie pop/post-punk project Luster.

After a long hiatus, Trentemoeller’s new album, Memoria, has been specially designed for live performance. The legendary lighting designer will join the group on stage. Leroy Bennett (already known for his work with Nine Inch Nails, Prince, Lady Gaga and Paul McCartney).

While many artists follow the pattern of invention and reinvention, the productive arc Anders Trentemoeller it’s a series of dots on the same curve, playing with each release like the next chapter in an ever-evolving series. Contrasts and paradoxes are often explored, as are other themes revolving around memories and reminiscences but avoiding nostalgia. His latest albumMemory“, digs deeper and follows the five canons of storytelling, which also include: inventio, dispositio, elocutio, and pronuntiatio.

The international event is one of the most anticipated summer events for the Campania public, who all too often do not have the opportunity to attend live performances of this caliber. On this occasion, the organizers decided to start the concert with the new Neapolitan group i. Not me, but we, consisting of two names already known abroad, such as Bruno Bavota (pianist and composer, collaborating with Temporary Residence and Believe Records) and Fabrizio Somma (composer and producer, known under the pseudonym K-Conjog). Both, born under Vesuvius, met on the magnificent island of Procida to take part in an event related to the city of culture and create a common song. The interaction was so natural and playful that the collaboration (planned for this event) very quickly escalated into something much more serious and complex, leading to the studio working together for several months. The result is an album that will be released in March 2024 and will simply be called “Two” on London’s renowned label Sonic Cathedral.

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