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Directed by Luc Besson. Film with Milla Jovovich, Dustin Hoffman, Faye Dunaway, John Malkovich, Tchéky Karyo, Vincent Cassel, Pascal Greggory, Richard Ridings, Desmond Harrington, Timothy West. Original name: Joan of Arc. Historical genre – France, 1999.

Hundred Years’ War. Joan of Arc, now an eighteen-year-old popular legend, manages to single-handedly overcome the lines of the English enemy and reach Charles VII, Dauphin of France, at Chinon. The “Maiden” convinces the future king that she is in direct contact with God, first of all encouraging him to attack the English in Orleans. Giovanna wins one battle after another. When the crowned King Charles decides to deal with the English enemy, Jeanne continues the war alone. Betrayed, she is captured by English-sympathizing Burgundians and sold to the enemy for 10,000 scudi. The king didn’t lift a finger, very happy to be rid of the hot potato. Joan is tried for heresy. She is offered the opportunity to recant, but she does not give up her positions. Burned at the stake on May 24, 1430 in the old market square of Rouen.


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