On Wednesday, there were new rumors about the second season of the series. And they are amazing

WednesdayThe acclaimed series following the teenage adventures of the famous eldest daughter of the Addams Family has established itself as the most successful Netflix series in late 2022, definitively establishing Jenna Ortega as one of the industry’s most prominent young stars.

The series has been renewed for one second season, which is now entitled to a certain curiosity on the part of fans who have not received updates for several months. However, after a long silence, they seem to have finally appeared. new parts about the series, in particular the plot and events in which the character played by Jenna Ortega will become the main character.

It was the show’s costume designer Collen Atwood who had to reveal them, according to which much of the story could have taken place within the walls of Addams House, a factor that, if confirmed, would mean explicit change setting compared to the first season, which took place mainly within the walls of the Nevermore Academy.

The plot should also continue where we left off. When Wednesday returns home, he starts receiving messages from an unknown Stalkerwhich shows photographs of the protagonist taken from afar.

This may be the new mystery that the son of the Addams family will have to deal with, and it is possible that the secret of the identity and motives of the stalker himself can be solved right within the walls of the mansion. Dulcis in fundo, it also appears that Morticia, once again played by Catherine Zeta-Jones, will much bigger role compared to the first season.

None have been reported to date official release date for new episodes. Netflix’s original plans were to release them during 2024, however this seems increasingly unlikely at this point due to the current writers’ and actors’ union strike.

We are waiting for further updates, we remind you that the first season Wednesday available in full on Netflix.

How long are you waiting for the second season of the series? Let us know about it in the comments!

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