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Good news for “Tiger Mania”. Tiger Woods is back, and most importantly, his ideas will be reflected even more than they were in 2023. The Hero World Challenge in Albany (Bahamas) from Thursday to Sunday will mark the return of Tiger for the umpteenth time. He was on the test bench after ankle surgery, the last of more than a dozen known surgeries since 1994 when two benign tumors were removed from his left knee. After the Masters, he had to withdraw after the second round, adding to the pain an ongoing imbalance toward an Augusta National team.

It wasn’t clear at the time, but it ended up being the last time the Californian competed in an official event, having accumulated all of his points in those two rounds and his four starts at the Riviera-sponsored Genesis Invitational. Competition for luggage is fierce this year. Even less than last season, he bounced back from a traffic accident in February 2021, the week of Genesis, that nearly cost him his right leg and ultimately marked the end of his PGA career. The last period.

This is not what people imagined in the early 2000s; main The player will certainly never reach or even tie Nicklaus’ 18-goal total, an all-time high, but he will forever go down as a figure who changed the sport. Physically gifted, technical wizards, especially for minorities, are extremely powerful icons. The first one is no longer a battered body, its main problem is no longer the irons being detuned due to inactivity or its distance from the tee, but rather over the 18 holes that make up one while driving. Courses. Golf.

That’s been the theme this week in the Bahamas, he himself said at a press conference ahead of an exhibition match that carries world ranking points but does not include the FedEx Cup, which brings together 20 of the top 40 players with his Foundation TGR Foundation Cooperation. Committed to improving the health, education and wellbeing of disadvantaged children. “The ankle doesn’t hurt, but my knee and back hurt, so I’m not sure I can play 18 holes. “Like you, I’m curious about what to expect,” he explained, explaining how he decided to come back for this one appointed.: “When I was caddying with Charlie (Your son) I was able to recover well after each lap. I played a lot before, trying to get him ready for that game. That’s when I thought ‘I’m ready’ and I contacted the tournament committee to see if they had a place for me. “I have had multiple surgeries in recent years. At one point I decided to have a joint fusion, as I had done, or replace the entire ankle. Basically that ankle was no longer there, so in the end we opted for fusion. But the hardest part wasn’t that, it was doing nothing for the next six months,” he said of how he went through the process.

Why do you want to come back in this state? He is obviously 47 years old, why should he abuse such a battered body? He was compared to Rafa Nadal in press conferences for the same reasons as Rafael Nadal (“It’s pretty remarkable,” he said of the Spaniard). On his obsession with competition: “I love competing, playing. I miss being with the players, I miss the camaraderie. But what motivates me is competition,” he said. Add to that a blind faith in his potential, and it’s no wonder the player joins Sam Snead in winning the most PGA Championships (82). “Now that I can walk, I believe I can win again. When I’m not here, I’ll be gone,” he stressed.

Tigre believes the best-case scenario is a lot worse than what was expected at this point in his career, but it’s a lot better than it should have been had a string of injuries and personal issues not interfered with his brilliance and present. A person in your state. By 2024, it will include “one game per month.” “Maybe the Genesis, March thing (Players?)…” And then, needless to say, four majors. Maybe the Nicklaus Memorial, or the Arnold Palmer Memorial, but whatever, the restricted agenda he’s been talking about for months.” Something realistic. ” Given the circumstances, there is nothing. At most once a month, it doesn’t seem like much, but for a golf fan who is one of the few players whose presence is entertaining even when not present, it’s a gift.

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