One of the two wanted for the crimes of central supporter Ivana Garcilazo has surrendered – Diario El Ciudadano y la Región

Gym teacher Ariel Cabrera is suspected of being one of the perpetrators of the crime of Rosario Central supporter Ivana Garcilazo, who was convicted of throwing stones at her Death, he surrendered at the headquarters of the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC) on Thursday. Shortly after the last Rosario Football Classic, they were dropped near Newell Field.

Cabrera was recognized on September 30 through images from security cameras in the area where the incident occurred, but he changed his appearance to avoid attracting attention.

At around 10:15, the teacher turned himself in with his lawyer and was detained pending an indictment hearing to be held in the coming days at the Rosario Criminal Justice Center.

Cabrera’s arrest was ordered by Intervening Prosecutor Gaston Avila of the Intentional Homicide Unit.

Another person suspected of ending the life of the 32-year-old woman by throwing stones while she was riding a motorcycle is Damián Reifenstuel, who is still at large from his home in the city of Pérez was robbed on Wednesday. His identity was linked to the crime after word spread that he was wanted.

Cabrera worked as a physical education teacher and lower-level football coordinator at the Deportivo y Social Lux club located at 400 Pascual Rosas, in the western region of Rosario. The institution issued a statement expressing its regret over Garcilazzo’s death, with its president Franco Scala expressing surprise at the alleged teacher, who had been performing his duties at the club until last Thursday and again the next day. A memorial service following the death of a young player. After suffering from bilateral pneumonia.

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