Operation Kandahar with Gerard Butler, Attacked and Red, White and Blue Bloods

In August 2023, Prime Video presents exclusive films and the original, including Red, White and Blue Blood, Operation Kandahar with Gerard Butler and Bandit with Mel Gibson. Third-party films include Venom: Carnage Fury and Belfast.

In August 2023 Prime video Three exclusive feature films and an Amazon original are waiting for us, including an action movie with Gerard Butlerone more with Mel Gibson and an Italian comedy dealing with the evergreen theme of taxes. Also beware of third-party movies because August on Prime gives us access to Venom: Rage of Carnage and all Belfast From Kenneth Branagh. Watch Prime Video

Prime Video, August 2023 Exclusives & Originals

Since August 7 crime drama Bandits talks about a criminal seducer (Josh Duhamel), who escapes and takes on a new name in Canada while the police try to catch him. They are also in the cast. Mel Gibson And Elisha Cuthbert. The film is based on the true story of Ken Leishman, aka “Flying bandit“, a robbery and escape expert active from the 1950s to the mid-1960s.
IN Red, white and blue bloodon the platform since the 11th Alex Claremont-Diaz (Taylor Zahar Perez), son of the President of the United States (played by Uma Thurman), does not get along with Prince Henry of England (Nikolai Golitsyn), despite sharing tabloid attention and undeniable beauty. After a diplomatic incident, they have to stage a reconciliation that suddenly becomes reality… The film is based on the best-selling book by Casey McQuiston and is written and directed by award-winning playwright Matthew Lopez.

Since August 24, the time has come for militants from Operation KandaharWhere Gerard Butler he’s a CIA agent who lost his cover in Afghanistan. He will have to try to get to Kandahar in order to escape, in the company of his translator, pursued by the enemy and foreign spies. Directed by Rick Roman Waugh.

On August 31, we laugh to the Italian comedy AttassatiWhere Matranga and Munafo they play Tony, a salesman for gloves and masks in a perennial bill, and Emanuel, a dog groomer. They join forces to infiltrate the ghostly Equitu’s headquarters and make all tax accounts disappear, including their own. Directed by Lorenzo Tiberia.

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Prime Video, third-party movies available August 2023

A brief overview of third-party films that will appear on Prime video To Augustit points us to the existing Venom: Rage of Carnage With Tom Hardy AND Woody Harrelsoncontinuation of the Sony comic book of the previous “Venom”, in the context of Spider-Man universe from Sony., parallel to the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They are run by Andy Serkis.
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Will be in service from August 6 Spring of my lifedebut feature film as singers and actors Colapes and Dimartinoand from August 28 you can not miss the great Belfast From Kenneth Branagh, a reenactment of his childhood during the dramatic civil war in Northern Ireland. Also beware of epic Interstellar From Christopher Nolanavailable from August 15, just in time to get ready for theatrical release Oppenheimer23rd of the month.
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