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TOarrives at Canale 5 Ophelia, a film that offers an unparalleled perspective on Shakespeare’s tragedy. The absolute hero is Ophelia, Hamlet’s girlfriend, who learns to move at the court of Denmark amid the intrigues of power and the thirst for revenge.

Channel 5 offers film 22 august Opheliaspecial rethinkingHamlet Shakespeare, in which the love between the maid of honor and the prince of Denmark is destroyed by betrayal and madness. Directed by Claire McCarthy and starring Daisy Ridley, Naomi Watts, Clive Owen and George MacKay. Ophelia offers an unprecedented female perspective on a tragedy etched in the collective memory for a century.

The plot of the filmfelia

Ophelia, a film offered by Canale 5 takes us to medieval Denmark. A rebellious motherless girl, Ophelia (Daisy Ridley) is taken to Elsinore Castle by Queen Gertrude (Naomi Watts) to become one of her most loyal ladies-in-waiting.

However, Ophelia will soon attract the attention and affection of the young prince Hamlet (George Mackay). The two secretly live a passionate love story while the entire kingdom is on the brink of war fueled by political intrigue and betrayal.

When Hamlet’s father is killed and the prince sees his thoughts clouded by an insatiable desire for revenge, Ophelia will be forced to choose between her true love and her own life.

The original poster for the Canale 5 film Ophelia.
Original Canale 5 movie poster Ophelia.

Modern heroine

The film Canale 5 is inspired by Shakespeare’s tragedy. Ophelia novel inspired young adult From Lisa Klein. “Producer Daniel Bobker was enamored with it even before it was released,” the director recalled. Claire McCarthy. “He was struck by the way the character of Ophelia was turned on its head, making her a stronghold of female emancipation, capable of captivating modern audiences.

She was called upon to take care of the script and unravel the novel’s themes. Sami Chellasseries writer Madmen. “I have always been attracted to relationships between women,” Chellas commented. “And inevitably I was immediately interested in the relationship between Ophelia and Queen Gertrude. It allowed me to explore territories I’ve always been obsessed with: friendship between women, especially those of different ages; confusion between mothers and children; and the special bonds between mothers and daughters and, in this case, between a motherless girl and a queen who somehow sees herself in her.”

“Ophelia is a special character meant to find out who she is,” Chellas continued. “She manages to win the heart of the prince, and in the meantime she grows up, learns to think for herself and stand on her own two feet. I identify with her unfortunate side. I like its sweetness, its firmness and its boldness. That is why, more than the Shakespearean tragedy itself, I was interested in highlighting the love story that Ophelia experienced with Hamlet, highlighting the point of view of someone who, like the girl, was outcast, powerless and abandoned.

Daisy Ridley in Canale 5's Ophelia.
Daisy Ridley in a Channel 5 movie Ophelia.

Main characters

IN Opheliamovie offered by Canale 5 Ophelia has a face Daisy Ridleyyoung actress who achieved success thanks to Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “There are many adaptations of Hamlet, but this film is special,” Ridley said. “For the first time, the story of the tragic mistress of Ophelia, about whom all this was never known, is told. The role required a huge physical and emotional effort from me. Ophelia is full of courage and resilience, unusual characteristics for a character traditionally considered very fragile.”

Queen Gertrude, on the other hand, has a face Naomi Watts, which also fits the character of Metchild, a witch, healer and sage who lives in the forest. “Gertrude sees herself in Ophelia a lot,” says director McCarthy. “Ophelia is young, untouched and beautiful. He has yet to figure out which direction his life will take and make his choice, just like Gertrude did years ago. The queen is quite lonely and depressed, confined to the life she leads and in a court where her thoughts or her opinions don’t matter much.”

Plays the young prince Hamlet George Mackay while Claudius, the prince’s formidable and tyrannical uncle who brings Denmark to the brink of war, plays Clive Owen. The cast of Canale 5 Ophelia then the actors complete it Tom Felton (this is Laertes, brother of Ophelia and friend of Hamlet) e Devon Terrell (this is Horace, a faithful friend of Laertes).

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