OPINION/Turn around Seagull: Hollywood has been programming our minds with films for over twenty years (Francesco Paolo Cinquemani*)

“Psychological operations” from the English PSYOPS is a modern warfare implemented through neuro-linguistic programming (NLP).

Many people think that Hollywood was created for our entertainment and they see morality, happy endings and hope in movies, because in movies, evil always loses and good always wins. And it gives hope. But there is a small percentage of the population who knows that this is just a tool for our programming.

Are you wondering how this is possible? Well, let’s dive into the details.

Hollywood has been dictating the rules in the world of cinema since 1920, creating a monopoly and managing to produce 90% of US films.

Over the years, Hollywood has dictated fashion and lifestyle, creating an illusory happiness that people began to desire but never achieved, think of the American dream.

Now many people think that changes in our daily lives are normal and that films are inspired by our reality, but is it really so? What if it were the other way around?

Hollywood is controlled by the entertainment industry elite, also made up of people convicted of very serious crimes such as pedophilia and human trafficking. Powerful circles with financial and editorial ramifications in media, thereby gaining control over the general public.

Population control is one of the items on their agenda, and they are implementing it by funding movie corporations and producing films to deprive young people of the values ​​that distinguished yesterday’s generations, such as family, respect for others, parents and teachers. , values ​​that have almost disappeared.

According to a reporter Laurent Glazy, Hollywood AND music industry they are the main centers from which the true brainwashing is carried out, turning entire generations into slave masses. Their films and music are powerful indoctrination tools that affect the psyche invisibly. Hollywood serves as the basis for a large scale mind control project. Thus, entertainment programs, music, cartoons and numerous video games are real vectors of manipulation.

Let’s start with an analysis of Western films, a “fiction genre” that tells stories set primarily in the second half of the 19th century, in the western United States of America (roughly west of the Mississippi), but which never really existed. Notorious buffalo billwho in 1883 exported his circus performance to Europe. The Wild West and the Rough Riders of the World Congress (Wild West and the Congress of the coolest knights in the world), Since this all started. The American Wild West depicted in popular culture never actually existed. But he went deep into the hearts and minds of the entire planet, portraying the white man as the hero, while the Native American, or also called the Redskin, was the villain and native of the time. It would seem that the message of racial discrimination that Hollywood has instilled in people is good white, bad red or dark skin. A message justifying the genocide committed about 300 years ago.

In the 90s, we were brainwashed with shows like ER. Doctors at the forefrontgrabbing the attention of women, using George Clooney as an actor, followed by Grey’s Anatomy, The Clinic, House M.D., a whole bunch of shows that mesmerized people into believing that hospitals were doing very well and that doctors were really trained , like in the movies. which is widely denied, especially in recent years, when along with episodes of civic heroism, we have also seen doctors and nurses in white coats on tik tok doing ballet.

Hollywood has done nothing but prepare us for decades for what has been done, especially in recent years.

Now let’s continue our consideration of films of the “science fiction” genre, which speak not about the past, but about the future, about the future is already present.

Some films candidly portray the plans of this elite, such as: The Matrix, Fight Club, Labyrinth, The Hunger Games, Equilibrium, All films based on the bookBrave New World”A A dystopian science fiction novel written in 1932 by Aldous Huxley.. It is his most famous novel and has been made into several television adaptations on topics such as the development of reproductive technology, eugenics and mind control, which have been used to create a new model of society, outlining the dystopia in which man lives in a dramatic world. . existential limbo.

Portrait painted by the author of this New world he is cold and aloof, but he reveals the cynical exaltation of the grotesque aspects of the drama that Huxley stops at.

Huxley wrote almost 100 years ago about the future, which for us today is almost present.

Inspired by this novel, Hollywood made films such as:

  • DestroyerThe action takes place in Los Angeles in 1996. A police officer and a criminal are sentenced to “corrective freezing or cryopreservation” in a cryopreservation prison, and thirty-six years later, on August 3, 2032, they are released, and in this new reality they find that the police were not ready to cope with the violence of crime, society has undergone tremendous changes , Los Angeles swallowed up the neighboring cities of San Diego, and Santa Barbara became San Angeles, and now all the townspeople are polite and calm. The worst crimes arebreak curfew”and obscenities, only one man is responsible for everything, processed food is promoted, distancing is in effect and sex takes place virtually with the viewer. Actress Sandra Bullock in the film is named Lenina Huxley, as is the author of the novel on which the film is based.
  • During:The 2011 dystopian drama film takes place in the year 2169, when humans are genetically programmed to age only until the age of 25. their physical development stops at age 25 when the timer on their arm, stopped from birth until now, starts a countdown that lasts just one more year, after which the person dies instantly. This limit can be extended through additional time, allowing you to continue living without physically aging. In this way, time has become the currency in which people are paid for their work, and the medium of payment for necessities and luxuries. In addition, with the help of certain technology, it can be stored in special devices and transferred from person to person. The result, then, is an unbalanced society in which the rich can live forever, while others, considered “poor ragamuffins”, struggle day by day to negotiate their survival.
  • equals: The 2015 film is about a future dystopian society called The Collective.teamin the original) live “equal” (“Equalsin the original), people of any age (especially young), incapable of feelings, a characteristic derived from genetic experiments to create a stable and non-violent society and create a perfect balance of coexistence between all people.. A new disease known as SOS (“On state syndrome“, that is”excitation syndrome“) awakens forgotten emotions, instilling love, depression, sensitivity and fear. Those who contract the disease are removed from society, formally locked up in a “neuropathic emotional deficit recovery center” known as DEN(from “Defective emotional neuropathy“) and never seen again, as it is common practice to encourage or assist patients in suicide. In this company, each “employee” has his own well differentiated, remote and modern location, as well as own apartment. In this new and modern society, select girls who have reached the age of 25 are called to the so-called “service of conception”, apparently through in vitro fertilization and without any physical relationship.
  • Ready first player: A 2018 film set in the year 2045, when pollution and overpopulation have destroyed life on Earth and many of its cities have been reduced to slums. Escaping their lives in crumbling cities, people are immersed in the virtual world of the OASIS (abbreviation for Ontologically anthropocentric sensory immersive modeling) where they can take part in numerous activities for work, education and entertainment.

These and many other films about pandemics and “natural” disasters have served to pre-program our brains to learn these events, familiarize ourselves with them, and when the next social anxiety, distancing or self-isolation arises, we will accept them. everything is passive because the movies have led us to believe that these protocols are necessary for our safety and are “normal” because they are the same as in the movies.

If you think 2001: A Space Odyssey or the Terminator saga weren’t intelligent programming that blurs the line between fact and fiction, then you’re missing the point.

We also have to think about how many real-life events have been foreshadowed by adult cartoons like The Simpsons, South Park, or Futurama. .

Various television series such as The 100 or films such as Passengers have shown beds that can cure any illness and/or physical injury, these beds are called “Med Beds” and use technology based on quantum physics reprogramming our DNA. It’s actually a technology that’s been around for over 50 years, used by the military and under their control.

If, on the other hand, we think about what the world has experienced from 2020 to today and look at the films listed above, we will notice that there are correlations with what is offered to us.

All sci-fi movies of the last decades start with the aftermath of the apocalypse and we are living in the days of the apocalypse right now (pandemics, emergencies, earthquakes, fires, floods) and coincidentally, all of these movies all take place between 2020 and 2034.

These films anticipate the 2030-2050 Davos agenda, so when it becomes a reality, we will be ready to embrace it. Isn’t this programming for future events?

Aren’t these thought-forms that intrude into our minds, causing them to materialize?

When you watch a movie, you will know that you are being programmed for the future, so watch it consciously and with a fighting spirit, thinking that the enemy is giving you valuable information about how he will act and how you can react. .

Digital Identity, 15 Minute Cities and much more has been extensively discussed in previous articles, we decide whether we become “Equals” or remain human beings, able to feel emotions and remain free to choose how to live our lives.

Francesco Paolo Cinquemani


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