Oppenheimer and Mucciaccia sneer at resemblance to Hartnett

If you went to see Oppenheimer and, in addition to the magnificent performances of Cillian Murphy, Robert Downey Jr., Emily Blunt and other great Hollywood actors, you are faced with a completely Italian idol, and you are not alone.

Well, yes, despite the scale of the film, dramatic, intense and psychologically complex as conceived by Nolan, the notorious sense of humor did not leave the Italian public. In fact, many recognized the figure as a nuclear physicist and also a Nobel Prize winner, Ernest Lawrencenothing more than great and flawless Giovanni Mucciacciahistorical face of children’s television of the generation of the 90s – 2000s.

But what is Giovanni Mucciaccia doing in Oppenheimer?

Giovanni Mucciaccia, alleged Oppenheimer actor
Giovanni Mucciaccia, alleged actor Oppenheimer

Nothing, because it doesn’t exist. Resemblance to the actor Josh Hartnett (read more about him and his role in the film here) it can be assumed that Nolan chose the frontman of the very popular Disney program, The Art of Attack, for a small role in the film. However, we regret to inform you that NO, he was not part of the cast, unfortunately, not even in a cameo role. Oppenheimer.

Here’s the Art Attack star’s answer

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Posted by Giovanni Muciaccia (@giovannimuciaccia.official)

Giovanni Mucciaccia broke his social media silence with a hilarious caption on his post that reads: “For those wondering what I did at Oppenheimer… I was there to verify that the bomb was built using only scissors with rounded tips” We are clearly talking about a cult TV program instrument, which, together with vinyl glueshaped the education of entire generations of children.

The Art of Attack This type of entry into public debate is not new, according to Oppenheimer. In fact, among conspiracy theories about the identity Banksythe possibility that this could be an issue is still very much alive Neil Buchanananother great face The Art of Attack composing works with clothes, absurd objects and colored salts.

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