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Oppenheimer it is out of reach for competitors, collects 1 million euros and generally rises to 15.1. Stable podium with Equalizer 3 – No Trucewhich collects 129 thousand euros for a total of 444 thousand, ahead of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Chaoswho receives 103 thousand euros for a total of 397. Barbie receives 86 thousand euros and increases to 30.8 million, ghost house collects 82 thousand euros and increases to 1.6 million, Jeanne Dubarry – The King’s Favoritereceives 81 thousand euros for 293 thousand. Order of time receives 35 thousand euros and rises to 79 thousand, Dangerous Comedy collects 19 thousand euros for a total of 79 thousand. They are close Labor – Interdit aux Chiens et aux Italiensfrom €9,000 and a total of €22,000 Shark 2 – Abyss with 8 thousand and 5.2 million.

Next week it all depends I am the captain, Nun II, best age of my life, Pavement men and classic True story. Meanwhile, August ends with 5.7 million tickets sold, the second-best figure ever after 2019’s figure, when it was published. The Lion King (watch the video review), in a live action version, but with higher fees (41.8 million vs. 41.2). The improvement compared to August 2022 is 129%, and compared to the three-year period before the pandemic, it is 35%.

The Taylor Swift phenomenon is also invading the film world: Taylor Swift: Eras Tourthe film based on his career and tour, which will also arrive in Italy next year with a sold-out crowd, sets new records in terms of pre-sales: $37 million already in the box and the first day that could exceed $70 million, which exceeds the figure fixed Star Wars: The Force Awakens. The film will hit theaters on October 13, a date that could go down in box office history, not just music history. Barbiemeanwhile, if you just stop at female icons, officially in America it exceeds $ 600 million, which is the 34th largest income since 1977. However, it will be difficult to get other positions very soon, given that The Lion King (see video review) in the 2019 version costs $ 20 million. Debut among “normal” films Equalizer 3 – No Truce with $3.8 million for evening and nighttime previews, which should be $30-40 million over the weekend, including Labor Day on Monday.

Italian Box Office Friday, September 1, 2023
1. Oppenheimer: EUR 1,039,462
2. Equalizer 3 – No Respite: 129 495 euros
3. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles – Mutant Chaos: 103,704 euros
4. Barbie: 86 104 euros
5. ghost house: 82 320 euros
6. Jeanne Dubarry – The King’s Favorite: 81 412 euros
7. Order of time: 35,077 euros
8. Dangerous Comedy: €19,477
9. Labor – Interdit Aux Chiens et Aux Italiens: 9783 euros
10. Shark 2 – Abyss: 8740 euros

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