Our office in Gaza was bombed, and there are dead and wounded! Details require urgent review!

UNDP Statement: Safety of civilians is at the forefront

The United Nations Development Program said in a statement: “Initial reports of the bombing of the United Nations compound in Gaza caused deep grief. The bombing reportedly caused a large number of deaths and injuries. On November 6, the United Nations Development Program announced that several hundred People seeking asylum “entered the complex, and there are indications that the number has increased dramatically since then. The continuing tragedy of death and injury to civilians trapped in this conflict is unacceptable and must stop. Civilians, civilian infrastructure and the inviolability of UN facilities “must be respected and protected at all times. The principles of distinction, proportionality and precautionary measures must also be respected and observed.”

Strong reaction from UNDP Administrator Achim Steiner

The Director of the United Nations Development Programme, Achim Steiner, said in his statement on his social media account: “The United Nations Development Program office in Gaza was bombed last night, and there were reports of deaths and injuries among those who took refuge on our campus. This is wrong in all respects.” . “…the immunity of civilians, civilian infrastructure and UN facilities must always be protected.”

Conclusion: The call for peace and security

The continuation of such attacks in Gaza threatens peace and security in the region. The United Nations Development Program calls on the international community to respect civilians and human rights. A global effort is needed to end such incidents and ensure peace.

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