Outpouring of anger over the plane coming from Israel to Dagestan: Makhachkala Airport closed for flights

Hundreds of people stormed the airport in Russian Dagestan to demand the return of the plane from Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel. The airport was closed to flights due to the events.

In response to the Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip, hundreds of people stormed the airport due to the landing of a plane from the Israeli capital, Tel Aviv, to Makhachkala Airport in Russian Dagestan. The demonstrators, who raised Palestinian flags in their hands, demanded that the plane’s passengers not be taken and returned. The demonstrators, who overcame the security barriers and reached the runway, searched the passengers as they got off the plane. While several police officers were sent to the airport, some airport windows and doors were smashed during the scuffle.

In his statement, President of Dagestan Sergei Melikov described the events as provocative.

The airport is closed to flights

In the statement issued by the Russian Federal Air Transport Agency, it was announced that Makhachkala Airport will be closed to flights due to the events and will remain closed until “the situation returns to normal.”

While no official statement has been issued yet regarding the status of the plane and the passengers coming from Israel, the Russian Interior Ministry announced that efforts are continuing to resolve the situation.

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