Pablo Motos Shares His Secret to Not Gaining Weight in Summer

he summer We may not pay much attention to what we eat this time of year.They are dates for meals with friends and family, plans on the beach and evenings of free time on the patio, which is why, in some cases, these days off are often accompanied by A few kilograms more.

Summer weight control is okay and doesn’t necessarily mean anything to a turtle. You don’t have to stop enjoying your favorite foods because you’re worried about gaining weight.All you can do is put in practice a move Pablo Motos shared the news via his Instagram account, which he assured “You’ll lose weight this summer.”

The host explained to us how to eat while eating. “The trick is ten minutes before meals”’,” said the speaker, after explaining a theory he used to reflect on why our bodies seek satiety.

“Ten minutes pass between the time you start eating and the time your brain feels full, and those are deadly. In those ten minutes you have to try to entertain yourself with something Not many calories,” he announces. “For example, forget about bread and eat olives, which are good, or nuts, which according to neuroscience, are fine. “, you will eat 20% to 30% less. ”

His videos had a big impact. Many people would like to thank this “trick”. “That’s why it’s so important to be mindful when you eat, to taste and name the taste as you eat, to put down the utensils after every bite… Take 10 minutes to focus on what you’re eating so that The brain gets as much stimulation as possible from the senses’” one scientist declared in a video commentary.

But he has also been criticized, asking him to be careful with the advice he makes on social networks and that it is best to leave the job to professionals.

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