Highly pathogenic avian influenza strain found in US cows

Unlike affected poultry, these animals do not need to be euthanized; cattle are expected to make a full recovery, cTexas Agriculture Commissioner Sid Miller. Montevideo | the whole field | One of the biggest concerns for avian influenza among the global scientific community and health … Read more

US detects bird flu in milk but ensures dairy supply is safe

Milk samples were collected from Sick cows in Kansas and Texas they tested positive Avian InfluenzaBut the U.S. Department of Agriculture said Monday that the U.S. milk supply is safe. Testing in milk and dairy cows has shown The virus spreads widelyknown as avian influenza, … Read more

Global bird flu alert kills young man in Vietnam

The health ministry expressed concern that the virus spreads more easily in areas with changing weather patterns. Sadly, A 21-year-old Vietnamese student has become the country’s first victim of bird flu.. The student, who studied at Nha Trang University, died of viral infection on March … Read more