Hailey Bieber: the celebrities who would have stopped following her after the drama with Selena Gomez

Hailey Bieber And Selena Gomez they return to be talked about for theirs alleged rivalryin case you missed the social drama with an adolescent flavor, we leave you here all the phases summarized in chronological order: Are Kylie Jenner and Hailey Bieber throwing digs at Selena Gomez? Selena Gomez defends Taylor Swift from Hailey Bieber … Read more

Puma announces the return of its partnership with Rihanna’s Fenty

Italian version of Gianluca Bolelli Posted on Mar 1, 2023 “She’s back”: Puma’s press release published on March 1 regarding a new collaboration between the Felino and singer Rihanna’s Fenty brand boils down to these three words, pronounced by Arne Freundt, CEO of the German group. It’s a short sentence, but the gist is there. … Read more

Evan Rachel Wood: ‘I didn’t manipulate Marilyn Manson’s accuser’

Evan Rachel Wood claims he ‘never pressured or manipulated’ Ashley Morgan Smithline into making false accusations against Marilyn Manson. Evan Rachel Wood decided to try to disprove Ashley Morgan Smithline’s claims that the actress would manipulated the girl to decide to accuse Marilyn Manson that he had committed crimes that never actually took place. Through … Read more

The merchandise reveals an original character who will make his debut in the second season of the series

What If…?, the merchandise reveals an original character who will debut in the second season of the animated series. THE Marvel Studios they have moved for two years now on a permanent basis also on Disney+ and, in addition to the live-action series of Marvel Cinematic Universe releases so far, there are many animated projects … Read more

Apple TV+ series pilot review with Eva Green

The Apple TV+ action-spy thriller series starring Eva Green and Vincent Cassel falls short of expectations, at least for now! In the golden age of streaming, there continues to be an understandable appetite for thrillers multilingual filmed in cities around the world such as Liaisonthe new series Apple TV+ Original with Eva Green – sine … Read more