The Guide to Oscar Night: Guests and Nominations – News

The night of the Oscars has arrived. Live from Los Angeles, Jimmy Kimmel will lead the ceremony in which the famous statuettes will be delivered to actors, directors, producers, set designers and many other figures from the world of cinema. Kimmel, the talk show host … Read more

What are the 5 soundtracks nominated for the Oscars 2023

When we think of the most important aspect of a film, our thoughts turn to direction, composition and screenplay. But what would movies be without good ones soundtracks? The right musical accompaniment can greatly influence the success of a film. Precisely for this reason, soundtracks … Read more

the top 10 most memorable moments of the last decade

Despite the prestige and authority of the Oscars has been questioned by many in recent years, amid accusations of excessive attention to political correctness and the prominence offered to works that according to many are far from destined to last over time, memorable moments in … Read more