How do VIPs spend their free time?

How many times have we asked ourselves the fateful question “what would I do in my free time if I had a lot of capital at my disposal?”. In everyday life, most people spend their free time on the sofa, going outdoors or on a … Read more

in the cast of the animated film also Cardi B and Ashley Tisdale

The voice cast for the Paramount+ animated film Baby Shark’s Big Move also includes Cardi B and Ashley Tisdale. The animated movie Baby Shark’s Big Movie will have in its cast also Cardi B, Ashley Tisdale and K-pop phenomenon ENHYPHEN.The project is produced for Paramount+ … Read more

Emily Ratajkowski: the bold and cheeky pixie cut

A haircut that knows no half measures: it’s the hair look to focus on for a drastic revolution. Word of Emily Ratajkowski, who tries it on a set un clean cut, disheveled but extremely sensual and gritty: it is the pixie cut jet black of … Read more

even surpassed Obama (cheating with the algorithm?)

Although not even two months have passed, the times when Elon Musk he loudly complained about the (according to him) insufficient visibility of his posts on Twitter. In the last few hours, his account has in fact become the most followed ever on the platform: … Read more

Cristiano Malgioglio, where the singer lives: the dream home

Cristiano Malgioglio the famous lyricist lives in a beautiful house, elegant and refined just like his personality: let’s find out the details. One of the famous lyricists who with his culture, his professionalism and his enormous talent has changed the world of entertainment is him, … Read more