Painter Fernando Botero dies at 91

Fernando Botero, world-famous for his figurative style, died of pneumonia in the Principality of Monaco on Friday

Painter Fernando Botero dies at 91
Painter Fernando Botero EUROPA PRESS (File photo) 08/10/2012

Colombian painter died this Friday Fernando Botero 91 years old Principality of Monaco having suffered pneumonia.

The painter is recognized worldwide for his work figurative styleReferred to by some as “boterismo,” it is a style with a clear identity that is appreciated not only by professional critics but also by the public.

The Colombian teacher was born in Medellin 1932. In the 1940s, he began to express his calling in painting and held his first exhibition in 1948. After completing his studies, he moved to Bogota, where he interacted with some of the most important intellectuals in Colombia at the time.

The influence of art in Europe

In the early 1950s, he went Europewhere he was strongly influenced by art San Fernando Royal Academy of Arts (Spain) and in St. Mark’s College (Italy), where he began to experiment with volume through painting. After returning to Colombia, 1962 held his first exhibition USA.

Some events in his life would determine important changes in his work, such as the death of his son.From the 1980s he began to hold exhibitions around the world, e.g. London, Rome, Paris anyone Mexico.

Many years later, in year 2013 Full of sensuality and pornography, “Botrosutra”.eh eh 2015publishes the latest artistic creation, which, contrary to previous works, is called the “Holy” collection.

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