Palmeiras de Abel Ferreira is forced to play classic games outside his stadium and the blame lies with… The Weeknd – Brazil

Canadian singer and songwriter currently performing with Allianz. On the 10th and 11th of the month, the album and the structure that will be used on stage are already assembled…

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Today I will be knocked out by Boca Juniors in the final stages of the Libertadores or by Abel Ferreira’s Palmeiras and it is interesting to know that neither on Sunday will he be able to use his stadium as a classic arena like the Santos in which I try to count until 26. Today is the day of the Brazilian Championship, and the blame lies with… The Weeknd. That’s because the Canadian singer and composer is holding two concerts in Allianz Park, on the 10th and 11th of the month, and there is a structure installed on the floor that serves well as a stage for the show. The match will take place at the Barueri Arena.

Continued: Palm trees will be able to become a “home” again in the next few months, and this period may last up to 3 years. By agreement with GloboEsporte, WTorre, the company that manages Allianz Park, contractual terms with specific dates for certain events or shows at this sports venue. In November, the stadium will host 12 competitions, all of which will take place from the 4th to the 26th days. The players that Palmeiras risks playing away are classics like Santos – against Atlético Paranaense (32 ª jornada), Internacional (34 – place) and Atlético Mineiro (36th place).

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