Pamela Anderson puts her red Baywatch costume up for sale

Baywatch star, Pamela Anderson says it is ready to sell its historical clothing, including the iconic red suit that made it famous throughout the world. “I’m making room for a new life,” event guest Pandora Celebrates Lab-Grown Diamonds During New York Fashion Week, Anderson admitted to People magazine that she had a new chapter has opened (after divorcing her fifth husband) and that she also wants to “clean out” her wardrobe by selling things she no longer wears. “I don’t like to waste,” the star clarified. I can’t wait to see how others appreciate these pieces.” And when asked if that included her the famous red Baywatch swimsuit, the star replied: “That’s it!”

Anderson Red model

Very deep cutout at the back. Lavish in showing off cleavage and highlighting every curve, the unique red one-piece swimsuit was all the rage in 1992. The year in which the actress Born 1967 debuted in cult series where he ran onto a beach in Los Angeles County to rescue beachgoers in distress. “I’ve been in a swimsuit most of my life,” the star explained in an Instagram post to mark the launch of her swimsuit collection. Frank Bikinis. The collection, which includes a one-piece model, is very dense, in the shade. Anderson Red which made the Canadian actress very famous 30 years ago and which she wears today as beautifully as then. Height one meter seventy56 years old, mother two twenty-five year old sons was with my ex-husband Tommy Lee and a healthy weight of 55 kg, Anderson takes great care of his appearance between training, plenty of outdoor activities and, above all, healthy food and strict rules: “I take vitamins prescribed by a very good specialist” and then only eat between 10 a.m. and 6 p.m. evenings. , it makes me feel full of energy,” she explained in several interviews.

Selling on social networks

It’s been 30 years since the actress played the role lifeguard in Baywatchtoday his style has changed: “I like to think that others will feel the same joy that I felt. There’s no reason to hold her back. These memories are made to be shared.” Sale it will take place on the website of Anderson, a model, actress, television producer and dancer turned style icon. Some of her images associated his image with various brands: from Vivienne Westwood to Marc Jacobs and Hugo Boss.. “My style in the nineties was wild and uninhibited. I don’t know if it was a defense mechanism or what. I was just thinking about having fun,” he admitted in a recent interview with Elle magazine.

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