Paolo Bonolis’s farewell to Ciao Darwin: this is the latest edition

Paolo Bonolis says goodbye to Ciao Darwin. During the end-of-production party held after the last recording, the host announced that there would be no new season.

Paul Bonolis officially says goodbye hi darwin, During a party held to celebrate the end of the recording of the season, which will be broadcast on Canal 5 in a few months, the conductor announced that there would be no second edition of the program. The announcement was met with heated opposition from studio insiders, but Bonolis, who had been considering the possibility of leaving TV and starting a new phase of his life for some time, stood his ground.

Announcement by Paolo Bonolis

,this is the latest version”, said Bonolis before being interrupted by affectionate protests from insiders present at the party, people who had worked with the presenter over the years. But the conductor waited for silence to return and then continued: “Thank you for providing me all the necessary weapons to make this 9th edition a success as well. Difficult things happen in life, bad things that we tend to forget. Instead, let’s remember the beautiful people. it means i will always remember you, Despite the success this format has enjoyed since its debut on Canale 5, Honest Words betrays the conductor’s desire to do more.

Sonia Brugnelli close to Paolo Bonolis during the end party of Ciao Darwin

The conductor’s ex-wife Sonia Brugnelli was on hand to support Bonolis during the end-of-production party for Ciao Darwin. As announced on the occasion of formalizing their separation, the producer and her ex-husband have remained close despite their decision to part ways on personal grounds. There is no disagreement between the two of them who are linked by deep affection and love towards the children born of their marriage: Sylvia, David and Adele.

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