Paramount Plus, price and catalog of a streaming service that looks to Hollywood

Paramount Plus is a streaming service of Paramount Pictures, Viacom and Cbs and is therefore characterized by at least two distinctive elements: the first must be the successor to the Cbs All Access project born in 2014; the second is to be beautiful selective in offering proposed content to its users, as opposed to the scientific approach of realities like Netflix. As such, the platform boasts a proven platform that currently has around 782 titles (source JustWatch) rejected in every genre, including classics, with accurate classification in regards toappropriateness of individual content for family members.

What to see at Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus landed in Italy in September 2022 and since then the number of titles has remained fairly stable between departures and new arrivals. Catalog has been opened Offerproduction history Godfatherfrom Tulsa King with Sylvester Stallone, from 1923 with Harrison Ford and Major of Kingstown with Jeremy Renner. Then in December it was the turn Top Shooter: Maverickand now the first line is Babylon with Brad Pitt and Margot Robbie, the sagas of Star Trek, Mission impossible AND Godfatherseries Lioness, Joe Pickett, eviletc.

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Overall, compared to other streaming services, it seems like the strategy is to focus on a few new movies that just hit theaters, a lot of movies that have marked cinema history in the last 20-30 years, and a lot of movies. . new high quality series.

In addition to the classic internal search engine,GUI allows access to content in relation to typology, genre and thematic correlations. For example, a selection of movies or series is suggested based on the titles used. There are also publisher-related macro categories: original and exclusive titles from Paramount Plus, Showtime, Comedy Central, MTV, Nickelodeon, Nick Junior, Smithsonian Channel, etc.

As for the technical features of the service, there are not so many details yet. The only certainty is that declared maximum resolution full hd while playback is provided on the audio front stereo. However, 4K, Dolby Vision, HDR10 and Dolby Atmos support found on other platforms has yet to be announced. However, we know that these video and audio playback formats are already available abroad, and therefore it is possible that they could also appear in Italy.

How much does Paramount Plus cost?

Paramount Plus cost 7.99 euros per month but before joining you are entitled to one week free trial. After that, the procedure is simple, whether you access it through the app or on the official website. You enter the platform website, click on Sign up for Paramount+ and then you follow instructions that require you to enter your name and email address, create a password, and enter payment information.

No exchange

You won’t pay until the free trial expires“, says Paramount. An important detail – streaming can officially take place only on one device at a time, so it is not possible to share the subscription with other people. We conducted an investigation and Vmeste Price has ads for only one person wanted, and with a narrow economic benefit.

What to see at Paramount Plus? Top Shooter: Maverick

Paramount Plus Free with Sky

All Sky customers with a stay subscription who are active and paying on time, including Sky Cinema have the right of access at no extra cost on Paramount Plus. This also means that when you opt out of Sky Cinema, you are no longer entitled to another service.

How to watch Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus it is compatible with almost all types of devices. In particular, it can be used via Smart TV, Apple TV, Android TV, Amazon Fire TV, Sky Q, Sky Glass, Sky HD and Chromecast, not to mention the Android and iOS app for smartphones and tablets. It is also an optional paid Prime Video channel.

How to cancel Paramount Plus

Paramount Plus is a service that auto-renews every month, but you can cancel before the expiration date if you wish. The easiest way is to go to the official website. paramountplus.comenter your personal email address and password, and then click on section check. Then just click on the link Cancel Subscriptionthen accept the terms by clicking on Yes, cancel my subscription and finally complete.

On an iPhone, iPad, or any other Android device, it’s just as easy. Because in the iOS ecosystem you have to access the section Settingsthen click on your name then select Subscriptions and finally click on the unnecessary e delete. Instead, on Android, you need to access Google Play and then select your own checkchoose Payments and subscriptionsPress Subscriptionsselect a service and then an entry cancel subscription.

On Fire TV, simply log into the Amazon App Store, scroll through the subscription area, and when you find Paramount+, click Actions and then from the drop down menu item Disable auto-renewal. Instead, Amazon Prime Video has enough on the section channels and once you find Paramount+ just click on Deactivate channel.

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