Paris suspends Seine open water World Cup over pollution

Lprove world cup of open water swimming This Sunday, August 6th at Seine (Paris) already pause because pollute In the waters of this river, world water sports have been announced.Paris has been hit by unusually heavy rains in recent weeks, causing water quality at a level that is “below acceptable standards” Safeguarding the health of swimmers’, the agency explained in a statement.

This is the fourth race of the World Cup Pro, featuring women’s and men’s competitions, both over 10km.Carlos is registered here in Spain GallagherAngela Martinez and mara waltz.

international federation president hussein muslimconsidered the suspension “disappointing,” but ” healthy Our athletes must always be our workhorses priorities“. The decision could have taken into account the events of last weekend Sunderland (UK) Dozens of triathletes have been blamed for gastroenteritis after competing in the World Cup coli contamination Waters where swim tests are held.detected in Paris same bacteria There has been much more rain than normal in recent weeks.

The situation led to the suspension of training on Friday put off The women’s test will take place ahead of the men’s test from Saturday to Sunday to provide a final chance for a new analysis of the waters, but the results are Negative.

The Paris Test aims to be rehearsal Free Water Swimming Program and Swimming Program Overview triathlon will be held on the same stage Olympic Games Just one year later. The starting location will be the same as the Olympic trials, the Tsar Alexander III Bridge.

Bathe the Seine in and around the capital Banned for health reasons in 1923but the authorities promise May appear again in 2024, An ambitious program to improve wastewater and stormwater management was implemented, with an investment of approximately EUR 1.4 billion.

The World Aquatics Association recalled that there are still several infrastructure projects that need to be completed in the coming months in order to guarantee the quality of the waters. “It is clear that much more needs to be done for the Paris 2024 Olympic Games and local authorities to ensure that strong contingency plans are in place for next year,” World Swimming warned.

The Paris authorities ensured that several facilities, such as a large rainwater tank with a capacity of 50,000 cubic meters, They will be finalized in early 2024 To ensure the smooth progress of the Olympic trials. The city council has announced that by 2025, three bathing areas will be created on the Seine, which flows through the capital.

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