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Passages tells the story of extramarital love, showing the contradictions and complexities that characterize it, but even before that, the dynamics that are created in a relationship that is clearly unbalanced in relation to the needs and selfishness of a person. Thomas and Martin they have been together for fifteen years and their relationship is in crisis when a woman enters their life.

Thomas played by Franz Rogowskidirector who, after completing his latest project, develops a passionate relationship with teacher Agatha, played by Adele Exarchopoulos. But what should have been a simple sex-based relationship, a “detour” for Thomas to discover new stimuli – he is always a staunch homosexual – and which would have little effect on his relationship with Martin, for the first time becomes something then others want to explore further.

Martin, not accepting her husband’s decision to continue the relationship with a young woman, also decides to have an extramarital affair. This it will aggravate their relationship and Thomas will have to make important decisions so as not to lose his beloved.

But his selfishness he takes over his instincts for self-preservation and (above all) his ability to control his impulses. She does not accept the parallel relationship of her husband with another man, but on the other hand puts pregnant agate and through this strange triangle, he proposes to Martin that they all live in harmony together so that they too can have a child. But if the castle of lies collapsed, Tomasz would be left with nothing. Neither the love of one nor the other.

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