PATRA launches inspiring campaign at FEXPOCRUZ 2023: “I fly, I spread my wings, I’m perfect” celebrates female diversity

During FEXPOCRUZ 2023, PATRA, a well-known textile industry company, launched an exciting launch event and launched the “I will fly, I spread my wings, I am perfect” campaign. The campaign captured the hearts of those who attended the event and beyond with its message of inclusivity and empowerment for all women.

Amelia Solórzano, founder of PATRA, emphasizes the importance of celebrating women’s natural beauty and abandoning the complex and unrealistic beauty standards that often influence them. “Women are perfect just like us,” Solorzano said. “We must embrace our differences and uniqueness because that is our true perfection.”

PATRA’s iconic butterfly comes to life in this campaign, embodying the perfect beauty in all women, no matter their age, shape, size or style. The campaign inspires all women to embrace their uniqueness and achieve their best, not only physically but also in terms of personal development.

With a 29-year history in the women’s sportswear industry, PATRA continues to develop its product range. The brand is dedicated to helping women improve themselves and look their best every day.

PATRA is inspired by real women, recognizing that beauty stereotypes can create anxieties and complexes. The brand encourages women to maintain a positive relationship with their appearance through regular exercise, and PATRA apparel is designed to provide comfort and versatility for all women.

At FEXPO 2023, PATRA showcases its unique PATRA PRIVÉ collection, which features cutting-edge EMANA technology. The technology offers cosmetic and health benefits such as cellulite reduction, skin improvement and collagen activation. PATRA PRIVÉ challenges the market with competitive designs at national and international levels, redefining women’s sports fashion with Bolivian quality.

For entrepreneurial women interested in joining the PATRA dealer network, the brand’s booth in the Bolivia Pavilion (Booth 87) is the ideal place to explore this exciting opportunity.

PATRA’s “I Fly, I Spread My Wings, I’m Perfect” campaign calls for authenticity and female empowerment, celebrating diversity and beauty in all its forms. PATRA has positioned itself as a brand that not only provides clothing for women, but also encourages them to fly higher and truly be themselves.

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