Patrick Dempsey at the Venice Film Festival

Patrick Dempsey arrives at the 80th Venice International Film Festival to present Michael Mann’s Ferrari.

Patrick Dempsey to present film at Venice Film Festival ferrari, directed by the great Michael Mann – violent streets (1981) Manhunter – Murder Fragments (1986) Last of the Mohicans (1993) HeatCompetition (1995) Insider: for the truth (1998) Wings (2002) Pledge (2004) Enemy of the state (2009) Black hat (2015) – starring Adam Driver and Penélope Cruz, in which he plays the role of Piero Taruffi.

Patrick Galen Dempsey, better known as Patrick Dempsey, was born in Lewiston, Maine in January 1966 and is best known for his role as Derek Shepherd in the hit television series. Grey’s Anatomy (from 2005 to 2015, in more than two hundred and forty-five episodes), as well as for numerous supporting and film roles.

Among the various films we mention Coupe de Ville (1990) Joe Rota Crime Empire (1991) Michael Karbeinikov, Music of the Heart (1993) Carol Wiseman 110 and praise by Alek Keshishyan deadly virus (1995) Wolfgang Petersen, Scream 3 (2000) West Craven Imperial Club (2002) Michael Hoffman Freedom Writers (2007) Richard Lagravenese, Like magic (2007) Kevin Lima Witness to love (2008) Paul Weiland, Fraud rules (2011) Roma Minkoff, Bridget Jones baby (2016) Sharon Maguire, As if by disappointment – And they lived unhappily and discontentedly. (2022) Adam Shankman.

He is also very active in television, appearing in many television films. Difficult decision (1986) Ferdinand Fairfax, John F. Kennedy: Reckless Youth (1993) Harry Wiener For better and for worse (1993) Paolo Barzman, Stranger in the family (1995) Jorge Montesi, The right not to speak (1996) Hubert de La Bouyeri, Times of hate (1996) David Green 20,000 leagues under the sea (1997) by Rod Hardy, based on Jules Verne’s book of the same name, already introduced to cinema in the fifties with the 1954 film directed by Richard Fleischer and starring Kirk Douglas and James Mason – Exit (1998) Stuart Gillard Crime and Punishment (1998) Joseph Sargent, Jeremiah the prophet (1998) H. Wiener, Blonde (2001) Joyce Chopra seventh correct (2003) H. Wiener, steel angels (2004) Kati von Garnier – and in various episodes of TV series and mini-series – in addition to the above Grey’s Anatomy we remember fast times (1986, seven episodes) Again (2000-2002, four episodes), Will and Grace (2000-2001, three series), Karen Sisko (2003) Practice – Legal Profession (2004, three episodes), Private practice (2009 and 2012), The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair (2018, twelve episodes), Devils (2020–22, eighteen episodes).

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