“Peace be upon you,” Russian President Putin responded to the Mufti

Russian President Vladimir Putin met with members of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia.

Mufti Alper Korganov, head of the Spiritual Assembly of Muslims of Russia, who stood to ask questions of Vladimir Putin at the meeting in which the situation of Muslims in Russia as well as events in the Middle East were discussed, began his speech by saying, “Peace be upon you.” When Vladimir Putin responded to Korganov by saying, “Peace be upon you,” he received great applause from the participants in the hall.

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According to IHA News; Speaking about the damage to Palestinian civilians in the Palestinian-Israeli conflict, Putin said: “It is easy to ignite a spark that goes along with the atrocities that are happening there (in Gaza). When you look at children suffering from pain and blood, you “clench your fists and your eyes will fill with tears.” . This is how any normal person would react to this. “If he doesn’t react this way, he doesn’t have a heart. He has a heart of stone.” .

‘We had to operate’

Speaking about the war in Ukraine, Putin stated that Russia was forced to conduct military operations, and said: “Before unveiling the machine gun, this should be considered. Was there another option? No, there was not. We had no other option.” Because we were already attacked.”

Criticizing Ukrainian politicians over the annexation of Crimea, Putin said: “After the coup in 2014, they started destroying everything Russian. They offered us a choice where we could do nothing but defend the people living there. The same thing happened later.” . “And it happened,” he said. “We had to protect people from these Nazi scum.”

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