“Pedro Sanchez is a textbook psychopath”

he Father Mondina, as. .and be known “Plant Priest”, who spent 40 years talking about plants, also on television. The religious man visited Espejo Público again after many years disappear from the spotlight He has always cultivated one of his greatest joys: helping others.

He said if he stayed alone with the plant he questioned her and told him to keep doing it, it gave him a lot of happiness. He continues to live in the school he founded in the late 1970s, which currently has 1,300 students. 11 years old began his church career Although he remembers Barcelona wanting to sign him.He also taught himself medicine and botany, one of his favorite places Flower art classroom This is where you can put your extensive knowledge to use.

‘Everything Sanchez has done so far has been acquired’

At the beginning of the interview, the priest wanted to talk about Pedro Sanchez, whom he described as a “textbook psychopath.” “If I knew him, I would tell him,” he said. “Everything he’s doing now is done through buying, and we’re all going to pay for it because he’s buying it all.” This guy He should realize he has served for 6 years. He lost 3 candidates as a PPP won, but his predecessor lost 4 or 5 candidates, leaving the winner to govern. The seven votes he got to govern with a majority were bought and paid for by everyone,” he noted.

In his view, “This person is now Split Spain into two parts“. “The day before yesterday more than a million people disagreed with what must be given to those who want to make Catalonia independent. “

“Now you have to water your plants once a week or ten days”

Regarding plants, Fr. Tips for knowing if your plants need water Dig with your fingers and water the plant if you find the soil is dry. “Going into winter is different than summer,” he stressed. “It’s winter now You must water once a week Or once every 10 days,” he noted.

It is worth noting that hydrangea is a plant with a long history. plant loving house. “You have to take good care of it at all times, it is a beautiful plant in every way, and it is worth remembering that when plants do not have a strong root ball they must be transplanted into larger pots.” For Religion One of the tricks for professionals is to know Plants move due to details We have to give them good light.

until Actress Ava Gardner herself Walk through its gardens.He remembered telling him to think about what he was doing How his life developed Because “we are all going to die, and entering heaven requires a pure heart.”

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