Penelope Cruz in the new film based on the book “Days of Abandonment” by Elena Ferrante

Darling Elena Ferrantewhose identity is still unknown (although some say she may be the wife of another writer, Domenico Starnone aka Anita Raja) will return to the big screen. In fact, it was announced new film production based on one of his early novels, Days of Abandonment; story tells the story of Olga, a woman who has to come to terms with Mario’s husband’s decision to leave her.

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Screen adaptations of Elena Ferrante’s novels.

After the film’s success dark daughterdirector Maggie Gyllenhaal and is based on another novel of the same name ardentnews of this new production (the consent of which, they stressed, precedes the strike of the US union network SAG-AFTRA, the one that overturns the Hollywood cinematic system) can excite the fans of the anonymous writer as much as the fans of the famous actress. The direction was given to the Spanish director. Isabelle Kouchet, who has just received 10 Goya awards; for the film production of Lotus Production (owned by Leone Film Group), Penelope Cruz herself and her production company (Moonlyion) and Nimoa Entertainment (Edu Cruz and Marco Perego).
The script, on the other hand, would be written Lawrence Corea; who knows if it will be similar to the 2005 Italian adaptation directed by Roberto Faenza, with Margherita Bai and Luca Zingaretti as the lead couple.

Film with Penelope Cruz

The actress was originally in the film. Natalie Portmanwho, however, would have abandoned the project prematurely. The cancellation was announced as follows: “For unforeseen personal reasons, Natalie Portman resigned from HBO Films’ Days of Abandonment before the start of filming. Unfortunately, production will not continue. We are very sorry that I can’t bring this beautiful story to the screen. We express our sincere gratitude to our cast, producers and crew for their enthusiasm and hard work.”

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