Penelope Cruz produces and performs Elena Ferrante’s Days of Abandonment.

After ferrariFilm about Michael Mann presented at the 80th Venice Film Festival, where she plays the wife of a famous entrepreneur, Penelope Cruz will star in and produce an English-language film adaptation by a Spanish director Isabelle Kouchet and written by a French screenwriter Lawrence Corea, de Days of abandonment. Feature film based on the novel Elena Ferranteauthor (whose real identity is not yet known) of such bestsellers as Shiny friend or Lying life of adults He is known all over the world.

The film was produced by Moonlyon, the Spanish diva’s production company, and Italy’s Lotus Production, which broke the news, recalling that a deal between the star and the producer, which is under development, was reached before the SAG-AFTRA strike began. .

Penelope Cruz with director Emanuele Crialese last year in Venice on the set of the movie “The Expanse”.


Actually, the creation of the film was already conceived by the actress. Natalie Portman in 2021, who is expected to fill the roles of executive producer and lead actress. Hbo could also have produced the film, but the American actress would have backed off and canceled the project.

Cruz therefore takes over the reins of this new cinematic work, which will be called Abandonment Dayin which he will play a role Olga, a woman marked by the abandonment of her husband, in love with another woman who will lose all self-confidence in the course of everyday life. Romance in Italy ardent there was already a film adaptation in 2005, directed by Robert Faenza With Margarita Buy AND Luca Zingaretti.

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