‘People like to have sex’, Chicharito defends Cristiano Ronaldo

cristiano ronaldo He is reportedly not arrogant Mexican Javier HernandezHe stressed in an interview with Marca that the Portuguese was extraordinary as a teammate.

small pepper He only has positive words to describe it former real madridwho lived with him while he played with meringues.

“People like fucks, not compliments!”

Little Chicharito asserts Cristiano is extraordinary And he has never behaved badly toward a player, so no one who shares his locker room has a bad word to say about him.

“It’s amazing in the locker room, Chris is like that. I haven’t seen or seen a player who would think Chris is a difficult or complex person. It’s unbelievable to play with him. They never No mention was made of his sartorial influence “He is outstanding, I have not met a player like him and I can confirm that. “

Hernandez admits Cristiano shows the difference It matches what he describes, but he thinks it’s because people like to focus more on the negative.

“Chris is Chris, and we know his personality and competitiveness are phenomenal, but those are also some of the things that I take away the most as a teammate because the conversations I had with him would have been nothing if he hadn’t allowed him to. will not happen”.

“In particular, many people Viewed Chris in a very arrogant and very disdainful way, but I think he is a very honest person, very frank, and he will not lie to you.It’s been an extraordinary year as a colleague and I do want to mention a lot because it’s People don’t know, they’re not allowed to do it, they prefer to judge and, as we say in our country, “fuck” rather than praise., we know how good he is as a player, but also as a person. In fact, I feel really good. “

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