“Perez is the Tom Brady of F1” – F1 Twitter reacts to Red Bull driver’s bizarre non-retirement

Red Bull suffered two retirements during the 2023 Japanese Grand Prix, but incredibly, Max Verstappen still won the race.

Sergio Perez’s collisions with Lewis Hamilton and Kevin Magnussen meant he needed to be replaced twice before exiting the race on lap 15 Separate front wings.

But 25 laps later, Perez returned to the race and received a penalty. Red Bull clarified to the FIA ​​that he could return to the track, take a slight lap, take the penalty and retire a second time.

Perez’s return means the penalty will not carry over to the Qatar Grand Prix, but leaves him in the strange position of retiring twice in the same race.

As you might expect, F1 fans on Twitter (or

There were also claims that Perez caused harm to others and himself by driving a bumper car on the track, while others claimed that Perez’s crazy day deserved an early start for British viewers.

The best Perez memes and reactions from F1 Twitter

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