(Performance) “Trick or Treat.”Magic by Juan Capilla and Ruby Ferres

trick or treat

• Date: November 1, 2023

• Description: Click and Plan brings us a Halloween show to celebrate Halloween. and two young magicians: Juan Capilla and Ruby Ferres.

You will take part in an original and different magic class which, combined with a bit of humor, will make it a unique and fun magic experience.

Welcome to Volume 2 of Trick or Treating! An illusion show where you can enjoy the most suspenseful magic tricks of Juan Capilla and Ruby Ferres. An hour and a half of magic, tension and, above all, laughter and good vibes await you in Las Armas on Wednesday, November 1st.

two classes

Family Special: Suitable for all audiences, from children to the elderly, the whole family can enjoy it.

✨Adult session: Rubi and Juan will show us their most intense magic and experience a unique Halloween night. Always going to great lengths to maintain their unique sense of humor. Recommended for ages 12 and above.

Additionally, we will enjoy Rubi’s music during both sessions

About the Wizards:

Juan Capilla He is a young magician from Zaragoza who has worked internationally with the most famous companies in the industry.

His magic has traveled all over the world, taking part in many corporate events, performances and various celebrations.

Ever since he saw a magic special on TV 10 years ago, he has been unable to stop his interest, study and training in this beautiful art.

Juan performs original and impossible visual magic with his personal, alternative and avant-garde style.

Their performances are always accompanied by a touch of humor which is essential to enjoying the full magical experience.

Juan Capilla Nationally, he is considered one of the most creative and original magicians on the stage today. It has accustomed us to its magical effects, left us stunned and always surprised us.

Additionally, he is a magic teacher at El Sótano Mágico, where he performed magic shows in the United States last spring.

Juan Capilla

Ruby Ferez:

Spanish National Magic Awards 2022

He brings us freshness, charm and showmanship, having spent much of his life entertaining, blending magic, music and theater in an engaging and friendly way.

False miracle worker. His favorite tree is the Chocolate Palm.

Ruby Ferris

• Recommended age: All ages

• Location: Sala las Armas, Plaza Mariano de Cavia 2

• Price: €12 for the first 100 tickets.Break 15 euros

• Organize: click and plan

• Time: 6:00 PM Family Meeting (all viewers). There is also an adult class (12+) at 8:30pm.

• Learn more and book in the mobile or tablet app click and plan (You can download the application here: https://clickandplan.es/)

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