Periodontitis linked to cardiovascular problems, experts say

Donte Group Medical Director Dr Clara Esteban warns that periodontitis is a form of gum disease that can have serious health turns out It’s been linked to cardiovascular disease, stroke, and diabetes, making it a concern for older adults. The spread of bacteria through the bloodstream can promote cardiac inflammation, increase the risk of blood clots, and worsen existing lesions.

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In addition, bacteria in the mouth can reach the airways, increasing susceptibility to lung diseases such as pneumonia, COPD, and bronchitis.

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According to a report entitled “Challenges for the Spanish Dental Industry”, prepared by the Donte Group and the University of Murcia, People over 50 account for 75% of all oral diseases in Spain. The most common problems include edentulous jaws, periodontal disease and tooth decay.

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Oral health becomes even more important as we age because Increase in Oral Diseases Due to Aging Teeth. Older adults face specific challenges, such as neglecting oral hygiene due to acceptance of some unavoidable diseases, and lack of energy to maintain certain habits (such as regular tooth brushing). Additionally, using certain medications can negatively affect your oral health, interfering with healing and causing dry mouth, and making periodontal disease worse.

Dr Esteban stresses importance of regular dental visits for older adults as health Oral health is closely related to general health and certain systemic diseases. A dentist can provide individualized and appropriate care for issues such as tooth sensitivity and dry mouth.

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To maintain adequate oral hygiene, it is recommended to go to Get frequent checkups, use an electric toothbrush after each meal, get a thorough oral cleaning with floss and mouthwash, and take care of your dentures and use a specialty toothpaste to reduce tooth sensitivity.

Likewise, gargling with salt solution and bicarbonate, chewing food well to stimulate saliva production, and maintaining adequate fluid intake to prevent dry mouth are recommended.

Seniors require adequate oral care to ensure a better quality of life, prevent systemic disease, and maintain optimal health.

Esthetics are also gaining importance in dental treatment for the elderly, and dental implants have become one of the most common procedures performed on elderly patients. The aim is not only to restore function, but also to achieve a harmonious smile.

In addition, more and more seniors are opting for orthodontic treatment as it can improve smile, correct bite, provide health and dental hygiene benefits, reduce posture and back problems, etc. Esteban concluded that preventing and taking advantage of these dental advances offers multiple advantages for maintaining good oral health in older adults.

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