Philadelphia fans still unhappy with LeBron James despite positive comments from Hawks – What is LeJinx?

LeBron James’ NFL predictions are a feast for the eyes. But for some who worry it could backfire, it appears to be a good sign. LeBron picks the winner of today’s NFL game between the Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins. But the reaction he got was reminiscent of LeJinx.

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LeBron was parodied earlier when his draft pick of the Washington Commanders was decimated at the hands of the Chicago Bears. Will the curse come back to haunt the Eagles-Dolphins game?

5-1 record


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The Philadelphia Eagles and Miami Dolphins both enter this game with 5-1 records. LeBron picked the Hawks to win. It all started when Baltimore Ravens wide receiver Dez Bryant asked LeBron to pick his winner, and the King picked the Eagles. What was supposed to fascinate fans had the opposite effect. Please find the post below.

NFL Week 7, this Sunday Night Football will be a showdown between the NFC East and AFC East leaders. The City of Brothers is pinning its hopes on the Eagles, who went to the Super Bowl last season. With a great record and the chance to win a trophy this time around, Philly is excited and anxious. They don’t want anything to impact their team, even remotely. So LeJinx was affecting their morale and they let the King know it.

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As of now, the Eagles lead the Dolphins 17-10 at halftime. Hopefully this will go some way to allaying the fears of Philly fans.

What is LeJinx?

It’s a fan theory that stems from a trend in the NBA where teams LeBron picks or praises appear to have a negative impact. In an NBA playoff game between the Timberwolves and Grizzlies, Minnesota led by 26 points but it ended on LeBron’s back. This is just the beginning, the legend continues. Even though LeBron has been drafting well in many games, fans are still holding on to their LeJinx. See their reactions below.

One fan made a funny but harsh comment about LeBron’s kiss of death.

There’s also a frustrated fan who just wants to get away from LeJinx.

The reaction below is a bit over the top. The fan was already frustrated before the game was over.

The funniest of all reactions is the following.


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Faced with such a reaction from LeBron, will King continue with his NFL predictions? What remains to be seen is the Kings’ prediction against the Lakers.

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Amid this fun banter, NBA fans are gearing up for the regular season opener between the Nuggets and Lakers. This was a matchup in last season’s Western Conference Finals. The Nuggets swept the Lakers to reach the Finals and win their first championship. What’s LeBron’s prediction for this game?

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