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Beyoncé wrapped up her historic Renaissance World Tour in Kansas City, Missouri on Sunday night, and Cardi B was there to witness the end of the record-breaking journey. In a series of Instagram Story posts, the “Bongos” rapper discussed her experiences during the show.

Cardi started her Instagram story with a short video of her on her private jet. “And we’re leaving,” the caption read. After securing a trip to Missouri, the Grammy winner then uploaded a clip of herself in a car on the way to Arrowhead Stadium. In the video, she sings along to the song BEAM. Renaissance track “Energy” in anticipation of the viral “silent challenge”. (The challenge is a friendly competition to see which stadium can actually remain completely silent as Beyoncé sings the lyrics to “Look Around / Everybody’s Quiet.”) In a clip filmed during the concert, Cardi excitedly competes in the competition, throwing death-defying putts. glanced sideways at a couple of visitors who couldn’t help but scream during the prolonged pause.

In addition to “Energy,” Cardi also posted clips of Beyoncé performing “Dangeously in Love,” the show’s opening song and the title track from her debut solo studio album, which celebrates its 20th anniversary this year. – Yesss, bitch! Cardi screams throughout the entire recording. The “WAP” rapper also posted videos of himself sounding and singing along to “America Has an Issue,” which again peaked at No. 38 on the Billboard Hot 100 after releasing a remix with Kendrick Lamar earlier this year. Lamar made a surprise appearance at Beyone’s birthday show in Los Angeles on September 2. 4.

Above a clip of Beyoncé singing “Summer Renaissance” and flying above the crowd on a life-size disco horse from the album cover, lovingly nicknamed “Reni” by fans, Cardi wrote: “This is not a concert… it’s (an) experience,” an apt description the finale of a tour that thrilled millions of people around the world.

The Renaissance World Tour was in support of Beyoncé’s seventh solo studio album, which peaked at No. 1 on the Billboard 200. The record, a love letter to Black queer folk and their contributions to dance music, won four Grammy Awards and spawned a pair of Top Ten hits. top Hot 100 hits: “Break My Soul” (No. 1) and “Cuff It” (No. 6). Last week, Billboard reported that the tour’s global gross would top the $500 million mark, likely closer to $560 million, with 10 dates still to be reported. With these numbers, the tour will become one of the 10 highest-grossing tours in Boxscore history, making Beyoncé the only woman, only black artist and only American solo artist on the all-time leaderboard.

Although she documented much of her Renaissance experience, Cardi’s stories didn’t include the specific statement Beyoncé made at the very end of the show. The music icon will present a documentary film-concert entitled Renaissance: A Beyoncé Film to theaters on December 1st, with pre-sale tickets now available.

Click here to see Cardi B’s Renaissance Tour extravaganza before her stories expire.

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