photo with children Nathan Falko and Leni Klum in Munich

Heidi Klum with her husband Tom Kaulitz and children on holiday in Capri, Flavio Briatore with family between Monte Carlo, Porto Cervo and Forte dei Marmi. An unrivaled opportunity for brothers Nathan Falco Briatore and Leni Klum, usually separated by the ocean to spend time together. this is Dad Flavio Briatore place on Instagram shot reunion with children in Munich.

“Vacation in Munich with Leni and Nathan Falko”wrote the 73-year-old entrepreneur, sharing a rare photo with both of her children, Leni Klum, 19, and Nathan Falko, 13.. She is beautiful in a red bikini and a du rôle physique inherited from her mother Heidi, thanks to which she takes her first steps in the fashion world (she recently posed for an Intimissimi campaign with her “muse”), he is with a typical pout of adolescence: Papa Flavi in ​​the middleor proud of his heirs and the relationships they build year after year.

Leni is the daughter of Heidi Klum and Flavio Briatore. (the model and entrepreneur dated between 2002 and 2004 and were no longer a couple when the little girl was born), but her biological father never officially acknowledged her. In 2009, at the age of 5, she was formally adopted by the German model’s ex-husband, singer Seal, father of her brothers Henry Günther Ademola Dashtu, 18, Johan Riley, Fedor Taiwo, 16, and Lu Sulola, 13.

Surprisingly, in the summer of 2018 it went viral. secular photo of Leni with Papa Briatore in Sardinia, along with a sincere caption shared by Heidi, the first sign of a thaw and the desire on both sides to build something. Two years later, Nathan Falco, the second son of the Piedmontese entrepreneur and former Elisabetta Gregoracci, also appears in the #familyfirst photo.

“Falco is happy that he has a sister. A couple of years ago we told him that it was big, and he told me: “Dad, I already knew,” said the former Formula 1 team manager. Republic in April 2022 “also because kids now go to Google and find out. But he never told me about it, probably out of shame. He was waiting for me to do it, but they followed each other on Instagram. They did everything earlier and better than us adults.”

An approach that Elisabetta Gregoracci really wanted, as the dancer said last summer very true. “Some time ago I organized their first meeting in Sardinia. I already talked about this with Flavio. a good relationship. They look for each other a lot, often talk.”

“I love Leni and am very proud of her. She is not only beautiful, but strong and independent, full of enthusiasm for life, even if I have no credit for it, and I thank Heidi for raising her. Our friend has a problem with distances, because he lives in Los Angeles. The real father who raised her was Sil, and I have a good relationship with him, ”Flavio explained again. Republic“I don’t have the ‘everyday’ relationship with her that I have with Falco, that’s logical. But that doesn’t mean I love her less.” Last year a family date in Capri, this year in Monaco: a tradition destined to last?

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