Photomator has been updated with one of the most powerful features of Pixelmator on iPhone, iPad and Mac

Photomator comes with a new update that lets you improve the quality of the images you want to compress.

Photomator has been updated with one of the most powerful features of Pixelmator on iPhone, iPad and Mac
New Photomator update

Photomator is one of the best photo apps you can download on your iPhone. The app is updated from time to time, Pull news from other apps like Pixelmator Pro, the Mac version of the program. Well, now is the time to find out about the new updates available on iPhone, iPad, and of course Mac.

besides everything, This photo app comes with a back-to-school dealso users can purchase premium memberships at an additional discount.

What’s new in Photomator for iPhone and iPad?

As we have mentioned before, Photomator for iPhone and iPad often brings the best features of the desktop version For cell phones.In the official Photomator blog, the feature has been announced “Smart Unwind”explained as follows:

Color ramps appear as distinct bands of color that transition abruptly from one hue to another rather than the colors blending smoothly. This is common in low-quality photos with gradients, such as landscape shots where the sky dominates or portraits with bright gradient backgrounds. The new Smart Debanding feature easily converts these color bands into smooth gradients, leaving the rest of the photo detailed and sharp. While gradations are more pronounced in areas such as the sky, many of the more subtle gradations in the photo may not be noticed at first.

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Smart Deband improves image quality without loss of compression

In other words, when you use an image format such as JPEG, Reduced photo quality, resulting in color banding effects (when a color transitions from one hue to another). So the smartbands use new machine learning algorithms that can convert these into gradient colors, improving image quality while maintaining compression.

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Smart Deband intelligently removes color artifacts and increases the color depth of photos to 16 bits per channel; this is equivalent to the color depth of RAW images. While simply increasing the color depth by itself won’t have a significant impact, it does have an impact when combined with eliminating color banding.

Apart from, Improved color depth means more information in imagesso it also ensures that you can edit those tones without going through additional posterization, so you also have more flexibility to edit images in well-known formats like JPEG, features that we only see in formats like RAW.

You can download the new Photomator update now (If you already have it installed, it must have been downloaded). Also, remember to check out the back-to-school discount, which is 30% in most countries.

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