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They were the first piercing of all of us, the first approach to body modification and represents the easiest and most effective way to personalize the look, emphasize the face or enhance the hairstyle: we are obviously talking about pierced ears, Obviously. There are the classic ones and the traditional ones, like the classic earlobes that almost everyone has, and the more specific (and often painful) ones that have to be done on the top of the ear or on the inner cartilage.

In short, thanks to pierced ears, we can wear beautiful ones. earrings, letting your creativity run wild and being able to express yourself freely with this little accessory. However, if you have no idea how to wear earrings, the stars will give us some ideas. Let’s find out everything celebrities who have multiple ears pierced and how they love to show off their piercings to draw inspiration from their style.

Dua Lipa’s pierced ears

It’s just the way it seems Dua Lipa have a passion for earrings. The singer of Albanian origin has several pierced ears, including the one on upper and lower lobe Andspiral. We often see her wearing it. circles and loops different sizes to create truly exciting gradual compositions. Just swipe over it Instagram profile to figure it out and get interesting ideas for the game. sizes and texturesvolumes and colors that recreate a captivating and fresh set.

Hoops and rhinestones for Miley Cyrus

Here’s another one nineties baby who loves me you are looking for to the ears: Miley Cyrus he wears them often, at least judging by what comes out of his IG profile, from very thin and small to spectacular and large volumes. However, unlike Dua, she likes to mix them with rhombuses and light dots. You can use his idea to get a composition modern and seductiveable to go unnoticed. And yes, it works with jewelry stones too!

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Scarlett Johansson mixed ear piercing

Scarlett Johansson has a real passion for pierced ears! They are at almost every point, even in the most specific ones, such asanti-spiral And with CH. It is not uncommon to see an actress playing with compositions and sets, cheerfully filling the whole ear. He usually stops stud earringssmall and inconspicuous, but bright, for those pendants. taking signal from Hollywood’s Black Widow we can have fun making action figures dynamic and irreverent for the wow effect.

Small and discreet earrings for Zoya Kravitz

Not just pierced ears: Zoyo Kravitz she is a true piercing lover! Over time, he flaunted several, including nostril And partition to the nose. However, the Batman actress prefers to flaunt her lobes. small and discreet earrings. Headbands, light dots, tiny pendants and charms: Lenny Kravitz’s daughter plays simplicity to take a look refined and chic but still relevant.

Chiara Ferragni’s pierced ears

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Claire Ferragni in the area of ​​​​ear piercing, he has no equal, he has a real “array”, starting from the classic earlobe and ending with a curl. An influential woman and businesswoman loves to wear details. sparkling and brighteven on the ears. though i like to diversify size and designThe permanence of her jewelry is a brilliant factor. Take inspired by her create compositions full of light that will not go unnoticed.

Drop Earrings for Kendall Jenner

We complete this list with a model and an influencer. Kendall Jenner he only has two pierced ears: one on the lobe and the other a little higher. But despite this, he has a lot of fun wearing some drop earrings on both holes, playing with design and geometry. Whether it’s a set elegant or cheerful it does not matter, it is important to express your individuality through this sparkling party.

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