Pierfrancesco Favino vs. Adam Driver: The Italian had to do it for Ferrari

lthe issue of cultural appropriation is fashionable, especially in the USA. But Pierfrancesco Favino brings it to the center for a moment Venice Film Festival. “It is not clear why actors of such a level – this is Toni Servillo, Adriano Giannini, Valerio Mastandrea, next to him during the press conference of the film Slowly Stefano Sollima – do not participate in this kind of films, which instead use foreign actors, far from the real heroes of the stories.

Commander with Pierfrancesco Favino.  Clip

Commander with Pierfrancesco Favino.  Clip

However, the attack has a precise target: Adam Driver. To the Lido for ferrari Michael Mann and already in the role of an Italian with House of Gucci Ridley Scott (he was Maurizio Gucci).

“If a Cuban can’t make a Mexican, why can an American make an Italian? Only here. Ferrari in other eras Gassmann would have done it, today instead Driver does it and no one says anything. It seems to me that this is a contemptuous attitude towards the Italian system, if these are general laws, then we also participate”. Deformities such as exotic accents should be avoided, the actor continued: “Gucci had a New Jersey accent, didn’t you know that?” the actor joked. And the thought, more than about the Driver, in this case, it’s Lady Gaga, who for months (as she explained) has been busy creating an Italian-American accent. I respect Italy.

Adam Driver at Ferrari.

Without the Italian star system however, it is difficult to participate in these general cinema laws mentioned by Favino. So it was at the time Charlton Heston like Michelangelo in Torment and ecstasy (1965, Gassman at the height of his splendor, but, unfortunately, known only to us), and is still relevant today when doing Marilyn Monroe (Blondein the competition at last year’s exhibition) called Ana de Armasactress of Cuban origin who achieved fame.

An ascent that concerns everyone, Favino himself has appeared in two major American productions: Angels and Demons AND World War Zalong with Tom Hanks and Brad Pitt.

Reply to Andrea Iervolino, Producer ferrariPierfrancesco Favino

“Dear Favino, in the last thirty years Italian cinema has not created a recognizable star system in the world. Remaining closed to international cooperation, which in a global world I find beneficial to the growth of the sector. Instead, other non-American countries took a different and possibly successful approach, giving life and light: Banderas, Bardem, Cruz, Kassel, Cotillard, Kinnam, Mikkelsen, Schoenaerts, Kruger which today are internationally recognized names of conspicuous and, in any case, negligible value.

“In Italy, on the other hand, just to discover and reveal Italian talent, it is necessary to make international films, including both foreign and local actors in the cast. To revive Italian cinema, artists must make films whose stories will speak to the whole world, and world stars will work side by side. with our talents and our local staff for the sole purpose of improving what Italian stories and Italian actors deserve.”

“I will give an example online: in our film Modigliani Directed by Johnny Depp, Riccardo Scamarchio will be one of the main characters, joined by Al Pacino and many others. but obviously it’s not a film that costs a hundred million, it has a much more modest budget, and so he can experiment with a mixed cast formula that will give a lot of light and visibility to Scamarchio and all the other non-international actors that will be part of the cast.” .


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