Piper Bueno admits he’s dating Cristiano Ronaldo’s ‘niece’: ‘I think it’s ridiculous’

Good plumbing In recent years, he has become one of the most influential artists in Colombia, gaining immense popularity due to the success of his songs, companies and other entertainment projects in which he has worked.

Likewise, through different social networks (he has more than 9 million followers), he usually shares stories about his artistic and personal life as well as anecdotes about the situations he faced.

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In an interview on the YouTube show, the pop music artisttell me kingMan from Cali admits A few years ago, he “dated” the alleged niece of Cristiano Ronaldo.

The Yo Me Llamo jury reports that it all started when he received a direct message through one of his social networks. Additionally, he said the profile came from “a totally incredible girl” and he didn’t hesitate to start talking to him.

“The thing is I looked at her and she seemed real and her story seemed real and then I started talking to her. I answered his WhatsApp and we ended up chatting a lot. The truth is, the way he operates and speaks (like Castilian Spanish) is too complex.“Pipe Bueno said.

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Furthermore, he assured that despite At some point, he linked the woman’s last name to that of soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo.he didn’t think they were related at first.

“However, the time has come, He told me that I was going to the opening of my uncle’s hotel in New York.and then she asked me to invite her to one of my concerts, and I said yes, and then she promised me that she would come on her uncle’s private jet,” Pipe Bueno said.

By connecting all the “clues” the woman left in the conversation, the singer began to think she was Cristiano Ronaldo’s niece until “I imagined spending Christmas at work“, explain.

“When I started wanting to video call her, she wouldn’t let herself be seen. I was there and said: This is weird; I started sending the photos she sent me to places she liked to search to see if there were any Have the same or similar photos and boom! A girl appeared in front of me, it was a different name, she was spanish, she said her father was the husband of a real person and everything was messed up“Guan Bueno said.

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“If you see me, you should go find me right now so we can laugh about it because it’s cruel because really at some point I started to believe stupid things like this. It was a crack,” sums up the artist and businessman.


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