Piquè returns to the breakup with Shakira: “When I die”, the shocking words that no one expected

A case that the world talked about. Today, finally, the former Barcelona defender breaks the silence

They seemed like a beautiful couple. One of those united, despite the fact that between football players and women of the show, everything is often so evanescent. And instead, it’s over between them too. And the rags flew. Now Gerard Pique returns to the end of the relationship with the singer Shakira.

The Shakira-Piqué case, which everyone talked about photo: Ansa – grantennistoscan

She is undoubtedly one of the most famous pop stars in the world. She capable of selling millions of records over the course of about twenty years of career. 46 years old, Shakira it’s definitely still in great shape. Although, evidently, Piqué, about ten years her junior, preferred a woman even more than her in her prime, the now equally famous Clara Chia Marti.

The pop star thus discovered the betrayal and the case became public knowledge. The singer also dedicated a song to the ex’s duplicity Gerard Pique. The metaphors between a Twingo and a Ferrari and between a Casio and a Rolex are now legendary. Today, however, the former Spanish footballer returns to a case that had the tabloids talking for long weeks.

Piqué’s words: “When I die…”

Gerard Piqué has been one of the strongest Spanish defenders of recent years. He has linked almost all of his career to the shirt of Barcelona, with whom he played 397 games, scoring 29 goals. For years he was also a pillar of the Spanish national team who won both the World Cup and the European Championship (twice in a row): in all, 102 appearances for him with the Iberian jersey and 5 goals.

Gerard Piqué breaks his silence on the end of his relationship with Shakira photo: Ansa – grantennistoscana

In short, even with his role as an entrepreneur, Piqué (like Shakira, for that matter) certainly didn’t need popularity. Moreover, not this one in which, in the eyes of the whole world, he has occupied the role of the villain of the story.

The former footballer rarely intervened in the case, trying (and, perhaps, hoping) to get the storm over in the shortest possible time. But now, a few months after the outbreak of the affair, the former central defender finally speaks: “I did what I wanted. I keep doing what I want. The day I die, I will look back and hope I always did what I wanted. I want to be true to myself ”he said in an interview these days with the very popular Spanish newspaper,“ El Pais ”.

In short, Piqué does not feel guilty, nor does he have any regrets. On the contrary: “I’m not going to spend time and money cleaning up my image.” he said again in the interview with “El Pais”.

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