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Rome, September 11, 2023 – You cannot escape your past. This is the main theme of the story aboutMaria Corleone‘, a new drama on Canale 5 that will be broadcast four Wednesdays, starting from from September 13. This is the story of a modern woman who decides to make her way in life thanks to her talent, but suddenly finds herself having to deal with a difficult past: the mafia. Fate takes her back to the cruelest Sicily – the one she has always denied, even changing her surname to mark distance from her father, Don Luciano Corleone – to transform her into a boss woman.

This is the story about power and contradictions, which tells the story of the modern face of the Mafia: the sophisticated white-collar criminals who control power at the highest levels. This is how the artistic saga “Maria Corleone” begins. four episodes aims to keep viewers in front of the TV in the fall on Channel 5. Directed by Pietro Valsecchi (Police District and Anti-Mafia Squad), the series is directed by Mauro Mancini, winner of the Venice Critics’ Prize for Don’t Hate (2020). Actress – main character Rosa Diletta Rossi. Here’s what you need to know about Maria Corleone.

The main character of the work of fiction is Maria Corleone, played by Rosa Diletta Rossi – a young woman who grew up in a mafia family moves from Palermo to Milan to fulfill her dream of becoming a stylist. And in the fashionable capital, he builds a career and family: he meets a young prosecutor, Luca Spada (Alessandro Fella), from which expecting a baby. Everything seems to be going according to plan until a short circuit occurs that will change his future.

He returns to Sicily to celebrate wedding anniversary parents, and the unexpected happens in Palermo: Maria becomes involved in mafia attack that leads to death of his twin brother Giovannibefore his eyes. A terrible drama that marks the point of no return. However, after the attack defend honor member of his family, begins to collaborate with mafia bosses, endangering the lives of his son and his partner, prosecutor Luca Spada.

“Maria Corleone alone pure and pure woman. At least until she realizes that she is coping with her work ambitions, her present in Milan, where she calls herself Maria Florio. She wants to be famous for her abilities, not for her Corleone name,” she says.Television, smiles and songs‘The main character of a work of fiction, actress Rosa Diletta Rossi. Maria is a fictional character inspired by Mary Corleone, played by Sofia Coppola (later replaced by Winona Ryder) in The Godfather Part III.

“Maria built herself one stylist careerhas a guy who is a justice of the peace and is I’m glad I’m expecting a baby. On the occasion of her parents’ wedding anniversary, she decides to return to Palermo to announce her imminent motherhood.” A journey that creates change. “At a certain moment,” continues the actress, who gave her life on the set, “Maria loses her smile. a clear turning point in his life. How do you imagine a person who has more power than others and can cause a lot of harm? I told myself: ‘Now I have to be the boss!‘. It was strange, but at the same time adrenaline-filled and a lot of fun.”

Fiction should have been called “Lady Colleone‘, but this news caused a reaction from the mayor of the city of the same name, Nicolo Nicolosi. “The inevitable connection with a dark page in Corleone history has caused a feeling of indignation in the community – said Mayor Corleone – because it is again immersed in a state of having to defend itself against images that are not very representative of today’s reality, but that are reminiscent of times that are now far away. In fact, over the years the city has been involved in one constant anti-mafia activity

It immediately went into action warning letter Fiction production company Taodue “to refrain from using the name Corleone in the title of the television series, as well as from any reference to him in the fiction, so as not to be forced to take further action to protect our honor and our future.” Producers’ response: “It’s a family name , not the name of the city.”

Outside Rosa Diletta Rossi (Maria Corleone) e Alessandro Fella (Luca Spada), we will also see in the cast Tosca D’Aquino (Santa Nistico) e Fortunato Cerlino, famous for his role as Don Pietro Savastano in Gomorrah. His character is Luciano Corleone, Maria’s father. Here full composition:

  • Maria Corleone performed Rosa Diletta Rossi
  • Luciano Corleone performed Fortunato Cerlino
  • Luca Spada, played by Alessandro Fella
  • Played by Tony Zerilli Christian Burruano
  • Massimo, played by Alessandro Mario
  • Antonio, played by Emmanuele Aita
  • Sandra Corleone performed Federica De Cola
  • Santa Nistico, played by Tosca D’Aquino
  • Rosa Corleone performed Aglaya Mora
  • Stefano Corleone performed Vittorio Magazzo
  • Giovanni Corleone performed Vladimir Randazzo
  • Rocco Barresi, played by Giuseppe Tantillo
  • Gloria Chiosi performed Gaia Messenklinger
  • Corrado Salemi, played by Bruno Torrisi
  • Monica Poggi performed Valeria Zazzaretta
  • Marcello, played by Alan Cappelli Goetz

Rome, Fiumicino AND Palermo. The cities we will see are the backdrop for the new drama of Canale 5. But not only that. Many scenes were also filmed in Bagheria AND Hard, a village overlooking the Bay of Palermo. Filming took place from December 2021 to the end of February 2022.

The feature film “Maria Corleone” was created by the production house Taodue, which has created highly successful series: from “Police District” to “Rice”, “Ultimo”, “Anti-Mafia Squad”, “Capo dei Capi” and “The Pink Abbot”.

“Maria Corleone” will air early tonight Channel 5. Eight episodes of 4 episodes, starting with Wednesday, September 13, at 21:21. and until October 4, 2023. The series is also available to watch on Mediaset Infinity.

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