plot, cast and trivia of the film with Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

Tonight on Iris at 21:00 meet Agents Secrets, a 2004 French thriller starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel.

Secrets of agents tonight on Iris: the plot, cast and trivia of the film with Monica Bellucci and Vincent Cassel

For the “Tres Chic” cycle, tonight on Iris at 21:00 he arrives Agent Secrets2004 French thriller starring Monica Bellucci and Vincent CasselThe film, directed by Frederik Schoendorfer, is based on a true story known as The Case of the Rainbow Warrior.


Four secret agents are assigned to carry out a sabotage operation in Morocco: they are Captain Georges Brissot and agents Raymond, Loic and Lisa, who intend to leave the secret services after the mission is completed. The mission’s apparent goal is to sink a Russian ship with arms belonging to trader Igor Lipovsky to prevent him from delivering them to the Angolan rebels. But the CIA is running a parallel operation and doesn’t want to get involved. When an American agent dies, the secret services hire a hitman to eliminate one of the group led by Brissot. Here is a promo for the movie, available on Mediaset Infinity.


The main characters of Agents Secrets are Monica Bellucci as Lisa and Vincent Cassel, who is Georges Brissot’s agent. Sergio Paris-Mencheta and Ludovic Schoendorfer play the other two members of the team, Raymond and Loic. AndrĂ© Dussolier is Colonel Grasse, and Charles Beurling is Eugene.


Agents Secrets is based on one true story, the so-called Rainbow Warrior case, after the Greenpeace-flagged ship that sank on July 10, 1985 off the coast of New Zealand. Not an accidental sinking, as the ship’s purpose was to interfere with the nuclear tests that France planned in French Polynesia. The accident killed photographer Fernando Pereira. Then two French secret agents were arrested for sinking, who are financially responsible for what happened. The resulting dispute between New Zealand and France required the intervention of the United Nations.

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