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A acute respiratory infection (ARI) Pneumonia, which affects the lungs and is the single largest cause of infant death worldwide, worsens with changes in temperature.

That’s why every November 12th since 2009, world pneumonia dayIt is a disease that mainly affects minors and the elderly, but it can occur at any stage.

Therefore, Dr. Pedro Enrique Banda Sáenz, Medical Care Coordinator I, Exclusively for EL SOL DE TAMPICO explains the importance of prevention, especially when temperatures change.

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Pneumonia incidence in Tamaulipas

he world pneumonia day Trying to highlight that this situation also represents a serious public health issue, which is why awareness is important.

“The prevalence of the disease is distributed at both ends of life, that is, in the under-5 age group and in the 50-and-over age group, with more men than women.” Therefore, prevention of this disease is necessary to avoid millions of lives lost to this disease every year.

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How is pneumonia discovered?

Dr. explains pneumonia symptoms, “The detection pattern presents clinical symptoms of general discomfort such as cough, chest pain, fever, dyspnea, fatigue and vomiting.”

this Pneumonia inflames the small air sacs in one or both lungsrestricting oxygen absorption and contracting in a variety of ways. “The pathogens can be viruses, bacteria and fungi, with the most common being viruses, which are most common in the winter.”

How to prevent pneumonia?

Depending on the cause, the treatment methods are also different. “But some recommendations are: avoid contact with contaminated media and low temperatures, ingest liquids, drink Vitamin C, have a complete vaccination schedule, and get your flu shot again. ”

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also, Dr. Banda Saenz Emphasize that the most important thing is not to self-medicate, but to see a doctor, “Getting vaccinated and receiving medical care at the health center closest to your home is free for all families.”

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