Pneumonia sweeping China

Many hospitals in China China yes collapsed a strange wave pneumonia in children. The new disease is spreading in schools in China, hospitalizing dozens of children, according to Promed, the International Society for Infectious Diseases’ emerging disease surveillance program.

Local media noted that “the course is on the verge of suspension“Due to the infection that occurs among children. Hospitals such as Beijing Children’s Hospital have been overwhelmed. Children perform Abnormal symptomsas Lung inflammation and high feverbut they didn’t have a cough or other symptoms typically associated with the flu.

An NBC reporter who visited Children’s Hospital today reported that there was a long line of people waiting to register. The waiting room was packed with parents and children, some of whom were receiving IVs.

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“It is not clear when this outbreak started. It is unusual that so many children were affected so quickly,” Promed explained. Furthermore, they noted that the report did not mention any effects on adults. To this end, the Science Council stresses the need for more precise information to determine the cause and scope of the situation.

ProMed also warned that the outbreak may be linked to bacteria Mycoplasma pneumoniaealso called “atypical pneumonia” or “walking pneumonia”, which is on the rise in China after experiencing its first winter without strict quarantine measures due to Covid-19. Similar illnesses have also increased in countries such as the United States and the United Kingdom, e.g. RSV(respiratory syncytial virus).

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Symptoms of this wave of bacterial infection Mycoplasma pneumoniaeIt mainly affects young children and includes sore throat, fatigue and a persistent cough that lasts for weeks or months. In severe cases, it can lead to pneumonia.

“This is the first wave of bacterial infections Mycoplasma pneumoniae Since most of the containment measures against Covid-19 have been lifted at the beginning of the year,” he said from the Seventh Medical Center of the Chinese People’s Liberation Army General Hospital, which also highlights that the wave of infections has been particularly severe since the Asian country began its holiday in early October. nervous.

Rising antibiotic resistance is also a concern for experts, as bacteria appear to be more frequently evading macrolides, the drugs of choice. A February 2022 study showed that more than 80% of cases Mycoplasma pneumoniae Among hospitalized children in China, they have shown resistance to these drugs. However, it was clarified that although the number of severe cases is increasing, so far there have been few severe cases and no deaths.

The World Health Organization (WHO) expressed concern on Wednesday about an increase in respiratory diseases in China and asked people to “take protective measures,” according to a statement posted on social networks. X (formerly Twitter).

“The World Health Organization issued a formal request to China for detailed information on an increase in respiratory illnesses and pneumonia outbreaks in children,” the UN agency’s statement said. However, while experts say more information is needed, they do not believe the outbreak currently constitutes a global epidemic. threaten.

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