Police run over and dump motorcyclist at July 9 villa

On Tuesday afternoon, two men, aged 25 and 30, were killed on a motorcycle. hit by a police car and abandoned in the corner Coquena and Charrúas, from the community of Villa 9 de Julio.

ElDoce.TV consulted with the sister of one of the injured, who noted that the accident happened at 5:00 p.m.: “The police left the town at full speed and they were walking around strong throughout the day.”

According to the woman, the injured “They waited for half an hour for the ambulance and the police arrived shortly after.”

Cameras at the scene recorded the violent impact on video.Motorcyclists are allowed in emergency hospital.

one of them has Head trauma, brain contusion, and pneumoniaAccording to Erdosi. Doctors found spots of blood on his brain and they had to repeat the CT scan, the family said.

Meanwhile, your friends have head trauma and lung and rib fractures.

They were so bad they were destroyed“, the relatives burst into tears, saying they were looking for blood donors for them.

They also demanded answers from the security forces. They condemned the rangers for never returning to the accident area A commissioner asked them for information, but they didn’t call them: “We want to take some action.”

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