Polistena, the open-air cinema is back again this summer

Cinema is a set of arts that extends from imagination to dissemination of information and knowledge. But cinema is also a passion and this passion is the basis of the history of the Cine Teatro Garibaldi and the Larufa family in Polistena. Generations of young people have grown up with the shows held at the Cinema Garibaldi, where “we were moved, we were happy and we cried” with films that have made the history of Italian cinema and culture. Gaetano LaRufa, heir to this large family of cinema managers in Paulistena, can attribute “his life and his father’s life to his passion for cinema”. Gaetano said, “We resisted and we are one of the few resistant realities because we have a loyal audience and we do not want to miss our shows in the summer of 2023.” In the heart of the city, inside the courtyard of the Trieste School, the open-air cinema review, this year also wants to bring cinema enthusiasts to the public. 10 films reviewed on different topics and by different authors and at a symbolic cost per film, because, as LaRufa declared, the important thing is to “bring our audience to this moment of leisure and commitment”. Do not let us miss”. It will begin on July 13 at 21.30 with Paolo Genovese’s film “The First Day of My Life” and end on August 12 with Ben Affleck’s film “AIR – The Story of the Great Leap”.

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